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Mr. Carmen, It's time for some tough love...

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And if it all goes well, more shows, DVD, Industry buzz, backing for a new CD, new songs... We may get our wish from "Mr Mom" afterall. spin

Thanks James, I like your common sense as well.

You must see the movie "Team America, World Police" for some sick but side splitting comedy that is also politically smart. The music pardodies and lyrics are genius! Stone and Parker are improving with age.

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Tony, I loved the post when you wrote it back in 2002, and I stil love it today! You are the master Tony!

That being said, I think you're right. My thoughts on the matter have changed a lot since 2002, when I too was a stay at home mom. Now that I work 2 part time jobs (Out of necessity, not because I wanted to get away from my toddler), I find that I love being at work, and it makes me a better mom. Because I only work part-time (working full time would be another matter), I still spend 4 days a week at home with my son (2 weekdays and the weekend). When I was with him all the time, I didn't appreciate the time I did spend with him, and I resented being at home with him all day when my husband was out with adults. Now I have both worlds, and I love coming home every day and sharing my day with him. My son isn't in daycare - his father is home with him when I'm not home - and their relationship has strengthened tremendously. Now that Eric's kids are in school, it's time to stop making excuses and get out there and make a new album! You can see by the interest in the Raspberries reunion that there is a market out there for your music. Now get out there and do it! Songs like "Devil and the deep blue sea" and "Never say die" are too good to not be put on an album for all to enjoy! No more excuses. We want music!!!

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So, there's definetly going to be a DVD of the reunion show? What about a CD? Does anyone have any details? IF so, please share!! Thanks!

Oh, one more thing. Did anyone see on Raspberries website in the news section a message about staying tuned for the announcement of a 2nd Raspberries show? Any more details on that???

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Since some of us "have nots" won't be at the show, I feel even more compelled to echo the thoughts of one of our earlier compadres---


OK==OK--maybe I'm a little bitter---maybe I am redirecting a little anger, but---golfers golf---writers write--singers sing---great artist never walk away from the gift given them. Eric has shown that an almost independently produced album can at least break even. If the problem is that he wants control and to release his work--his way, there have never been as many venues available. Since he is not in financial need (this is my assumption)he could do it purely for the art.

And if that doesn't work-----He could do it for Benji---my son who found this site for me years ago and shares my passion for Eric and the rest of the 'berries music---he leaves for deployment to Iraq friday---one of his joys will be checking this site---sorry, just kinda needed to get that out----he's ticked at missing the reunion too

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To "Foolin' Myself" - here's another Boston fan.

Favorites? "Something About You," "Man I'll Never Be," Don't Look Back," "Amanda."

My TOP Raspberries favorites: Let's Pretend, On the Beach, Ecstasy, Go All the Way, Don't Want to Say Goodbye, Should I Wait, Play On, I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine, Last Dance, If You Change Your Mind.

I'd love them to pull off the last one at the concert.

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