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Mr. Carmen, It's time for some tough love...

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You know Eric, since you went solo, you have been one of the few artists who can put together an album/CD with quality songs from start to finish. Not just a couple of decent songs up front like most releases. But the frequency of your CD releases in the last 17 years brings me to give you a little pep talk:

Now get your ass back into the studio. We don't expect God to stay home and play Mr. Mom. That's what mothers are for. You might think there is nothing more important than raising a well- adjusted kid, but you have to remember us Carmen Junkies. We used to be well-adjusted when we were getting our regular Carmen fix in the 70's and early 80's. Now many of us are living out of our cars, under bridges, or in back alleys. Our only income is singing your old songs on the street corner and recycling cans and bottles. Sure, we got some Winter Dream rehab for a while there in 1998-99, but it wasn't enough. There is no Government aid for this addiction, I've checked. We have tried to form a class-action lawsuit to force a new CD release from you, but the many sleazy lawyers we have contacted want money up front.

So it is up to you Mr. Carmen. You must release a CD of new material from your secret vault of songs. For the sanity of your fans, and for the good of all mankind. God Bless America.

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I love Eric's music but I am glad he loves his little guy better than us. Who knows maybe Clayton will take up where dear old dad left off. Many sons inherit daddy's talents. So leave Eric alone, Clayton needs his influence. Besides I think it is wonderful a man caring so much for his child. If more men did the world would be a better place.

Take Care

Gemini laugh

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I do have a certain amount of respect for any father that wants to spend more time with his child. Having known firsthand some kids with deadbeat dads, it takes a toll on the kids -- and the mommies, too. So I do have the highest regard for an attentive, conscientious, dedicated daddy.

However, on the other side of the coin, there are certain people that need to get on the road and/or in the studio. And I'm sure all of us agree on that.

But there is a fine line to walk. Too much recording and touring can also burn people out. Still I think Eric can find the perfect balance between studio work, touring and domestic duties. It can be done -- and only Eric is the best judge of what he can handle, and what pace he can take this at...

Chrissie Hynde had proven that parenthood and rock and roll can co-exist without getting in the way of each other.

There are times when fan input and suggestions need to be taken lightly by the artist, as some things are nonsense. And then there are times when the fans have some seriously good ideas and need to listen up.

Case in point -- the lead singer for AC-DC. When Bon Scott died, they needed a new singer. Had it not been for the fans pointing out that they should audition Brian Johnson, the band would not have likely known about him, and the course of the band's history would not not gone to further successes.(Hard to imagine them NOT doing "You Shook Me All Night Long"...)

If the fan input is constructive, and sensible,

it helps the artist dramatically, as proven in the Brian Johnson/AC-DC case.

So, we need to get all of our collective heads together and come up with a sensible game plan for Eric.

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I believe that EC needs to be a Dad and husband first. Don't get me wrong!! I love EC's music and want a new CD every year but, the music I believe is a hobby for him.

I like the band Boston as well, and anyone who follows Boston knows, it takes 7 to 8 years for Boston to come out with a new CD. If I can wait that long for a new CD from Boston, I can wait a while longer for the new music from EC. The good news is, there will be more music from EC.

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It takes time to put out a CD. It seems that country artists put out a CD every 2 years & rock or pop artists seems like they can't get the lyric out of their heads because the brain is fried up or having cigarettes or beer or any kind of drug. I am an autistic person who can think but I can't write songs because probably I been listening to heavy metal when I was in high school & it just fries up the brain & ears. The artists or groups want to spend time with their family or friends. Most of the 80's groups are trying to make a comeback of their own. It seems that Tom Scholz of the group Boston is spending time with his wife or girlfriend but I am not sure. The last time I saw the group Boston was they performed "The Star Spangled Banner" on TV at the Fiesta Bowl, January of last year. Matt

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Matthew, as a person that writes lyrics myself (as a hobby, of course), I can tell you personally that sometimes just two lousy lines in a song are the very hardest...you know "something" goes in that space, and trying to find exactly what you want to put there can be frustrating.

Then, in some cases, you may get a breakthrough, and end up not only writing those missing lines, but coming up with either another verse or bridge.

If you already started your recording, you may have to do the basic tracks over as there is now more to the song than you originally had.

So, I know what that's all about...one of those "intangible" things you really can't put a value on. Sometimes you can write four complete songs in one night, and other times, you can get stuck on one song for over six months.

Anyway, it's a matter of priorities, and I respect Eric's choices, regardless of what he wants to do. But I still firmly believe that a balanced agenda can be achieved.

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I think the reason Country artists come out with a new CD every 2 years is because their are so many songwriters concentrated in Nashville that are writing for, or co-writing with the artists. If a star needs a song or someone to finish their song, there will be dozens of writers who live nearby scratching at the door like a pack of hungry dogs.

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As a father of three, I understand Eric's wanting to spend time with his children. here are emotions involved with parenting that you cannot duplicate anywhere.

But c'mon Eric, when the lil' buggers are asleep...it doesn't even have to be new material. How about songs from that mythical vault? How about a CD of remakes? How about an mp3 every other month???

Bernie.....little help here!!!!!

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5 things:

Thing #1: I love this thread

Thing #2: Tony, I'm surprised no one else has gotten on your case for the "..that's what mommies are for" statement! You're either not married or married to the kind of woman I've NEVER met!

Thing #3: I, too, appreciate Eric's devotion to his family. In fact, I'm kinda jealous of that.

Thing #4: As June will tell you, we Red Sox fans are used to waiting for greatness.

Thing #5: Now it's your turn, Eric!


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Eric Carmen is a free man and has the right to do with his life what he wants. And given we are not in his head and thus not in a position to judge what is the best path for him, we should respect the path he's chosen.

Now that I've got that out of the way wink

C'mon man!, put out some albums!

I was genuine in what I wrote in the first paragraph, but it is perplexing that an artist with as much talent as Eric Carmen, has only put one album out in the last 19 years. But he's still young and I would hope he'd get back in the game and put his talent to good use,---share it with those that would derive some joy from hearing his music. happy

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Speaking of talent, Tony Cartmill's original post on this thread, and many he's posted since are comically genius and more entertaining to read than just about any comedy act out there----thought he should get some deserv-ed feedback.

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The business side of the music industry is a major detriment for a serious artist like Eric.

Artists need control over their creations and the barracudas that control the recording industry don't (for the most part) care about the artists. Remember the Golden Rule: "The guy with the money makes the rules." In very few situations is the artist the "...guy with the money."

Leave the man alone. He knows we (his loyal fans) will buy his music, but the masses will never know it exists.

Because the 'the music died" many years ago, and since Eric appears to be relatively comfortable at this stage of his life/career, he doesn't need the aggravation of dealing with the aforementioned barracudas.

At age 55 there's no need for him to be "Starting Over."

I'm happy to settle for Nov. 26th. and plan to enjoy every second of it.


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"Leave the man alone"

What does that mean Mannoman? My post isn't going

to have any affect on him at all. It's too late

to "Start Over" especially from the reviews of his

last album I have read at this site. I like a few

of the songs and don't think it was useless.

How long has Eric been married? And how old is his

child? My disappointment lay during his most

creative and genious solo years. About '75-'89. imho

5 albums in 15 yrs. isn't enough for me when an artist is "hot" and still has the ability to write

good songs. As Eric said, artists tend to write their best material around 26-27 yrs. old. Implying that ability starts to decline from then

on is true for most great songwriters.

I don't have any complaints with what he wants to

do with his life now. You sleep in the bed you make. He could become a Muslim tomorrow and I'd

still enjoy his best work. I just wish there was more of it from the old days.

He just wasn't as prolific as Elton John or some others. smile


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SPOCK, my comment was not directed at you or any individual on this board so don't take it personally. The same request of Eric has been posted in numerous threads for a long time. We all share your appreciation of his music and want to hear more. But - it will happen only if he wants to do it -

Sometimes words in print, came off as harsh when the intent is otherwise because some, like me, have not mastered the art of writing with inflection.

Sorry if I put you off - not intentional.


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