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For Gord & Anyone having trouble downloading


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Directions for downloading and saving MP3 files:

I posted this in another thread, but it kind of got buried and since it took me like forever to type it out, thought it deserved it's own little thread!


Maybe I can help you in the area of downloading and "keeping forever". Course, I don't know much about your own computer, but, give this a try and see if it works. If you've already tried this, that's cool.

I'm assuming that you have Windows Media Player, or Real Player or Roxio or MusicMatch Jukebox or something? Ok, when Bernie posts an MP3 file (and incidentily--I've never knowingly had to convert these to anything else to make them playable or burnable--so either you don't need to or my computer just magically does this! )

So anyway, when you see the MP3 file, Bernie has it underlined. "Right-click" on the title and this will bring up a box of menu choices. Option #3 (on my computer) will say "Save Target As". Normal "click" on this and it will in turn bring up a download box. Then, another box will pop up on top of that that says "Save Target As". You will want to go to the top of this box and make note of where this file is going. The box will say, "save in". I put mine in "My Music". (This is inside of your "my documents" folder. ) You may want to put it in it's own special folder. To do this, go to the right of the box and click on the icon for "new folder". Then, just create it and name it). So anyway, just use the drop-down box and it will give you options of where to put it. Make your selection and then go down towards the bottom of the box and it will have a "suggested name" for the file. I generally re-name them---for instance, with the "book goodies" that we have been getting, I have been putting the titles on and then putting "do not share" right in the title so I don't inadvertently make bootlegs to sell on EBay to support my drug habit .

Once you click on "save" it will start downloading right into that folder and you can listen to it all you want! If you have a phone-line connection it will take awhile to download it. Go grab a glass of lemonade and a cookie and maybe hit the bathroom and when you come back, it will be done!) Cool, huh?! You can burn it to a CD, you can e-mail it to a friend who lost theirs in a computer disaster, etc....

If there is something here that wasn't clear, let me know and I'll try to explain it better. I have a feeling this will work for you, Gord!

Go and try it on "I don't know what I want" and see if it works.


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Julie, I wonder if you can help me? My problem isn't the music downloads , but with the video download from a couple of weeks ago. I cant figure out how to play it. At first I thought I did something wrong, so I tried downloading it a second time. When I did that it told me it was already in my files. From there I have no idea what to do, as when I hit play noting shows up on the player.


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Make sure you are using a QuickTime player for this file. I'm thinking that could be the problem. When I first came to this site, I couldn't do any videos either until Bernie told me to get QuickTime.

I just tried to play it on my Windows Media Player and it doesn't even show up.

Give that a whirl and see if it works. You can just type in "QuickTime" into Google and it will get you a link to where you can download it for free.

I'm by no means any kind of a computer wizard. So, maybe someone else has a suggestion if this doesn't solve the problem.


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