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Many moons ago show?

Lew Bundles

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Kids...When the Raspberries were releasing SIDE 3, I am positive that I saw a half hour T.V. program showing the Raspberries recording that song...I am pretty sure that Don Imus was the host...And they chronicled the track "Tonight" from its demo stage through its actual finish...There also seemed to be a psychedelic or strobe light feature used everytime they showed the Berries singing a version of the song...Is this something that anyone recalls?...

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Ah yes, fond memories of the "Go" Show! It did show them in the studio all right, but *shudder* if only it hadn't been Don Imus doing the narration! He creeps me out to this day! He didn't even get the title of "Let's Pretend" right--he kept calling it "Pretend"! Anyway, aside from that it was a wonderful show. I used to watch it every time they reran it, which was at least two or three times. In fact, I used to watch the opening of the show every week just so I could see that little clip of Jim! Even if I didn't watch the rest of the show!

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