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I'm late! I'm late! For a very important...


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Man, get busy at work for a couple of months and things start piling up around the old web site! I just e-mailed Eric the next batch of ASK ERIC questions (Yay!), so that column should finally get an update very, very soon. There were some interesting questions in the new pile. Keep 'em coming! --Bernie

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Bernie, That's okay. You do such a wonderful job on this website, and I love it so much, that it's good to remind us that you DO have a life besides this!

While we're on the subject of questions for Eric, (you probably know the answer to this one and I don't feel like making it an "Ask Eric"): Was Clayton Carmen named for Merry Clayton? Just wondered, because Eric and Merry really "wailed" together and had such a beautiful performing relationship. I think they were great friends as well, at least, she looked like she just respected and adored him at The Dirty Dancing Show. smile --Darlene

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