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Raspberries Album Release Radio Special

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I got the privilege to review Live on the Sunset Strip for the upcoming issue of Jersey Beat Magazine. Listening to the release is stunning! It's really good. Sort of surprised that no Beatles covers were included and the 5 song dvd bonus dic could've had more included. But otherwise, it is an A+ solid release. Best live album I heard in years if not ever! The biggest surprise is the gushy cd booklet intro from Bruce Springsteen. What a classy guy the boss surely is to put Raspberries on such a high pedistal. But, we all know he got it right!

Jim Benson

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A certain Roadie allowed me to be privy to a preview of the CD. As many times as I heard them on the road and as many times as I heard snippets on the site, I still got goosebumps on the third or fourth listen to some of the tunes. Everyone will have some favorites... but there are more than a few cuts which I think blow away the originals and are simply astounding.

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Just a reminder to let you know this Saturday night on Classic Rock Memories we will be presenting our Raspberries Album Release Special from 5:00 PM-7:00 PM (EST)

We will be concluding our interview with Wally Bryson, and playing all of the tunes you want to hear, so please be sure to give us a call live at (609) 398-1020, to request a song or share a Raspberries memory.

We hope to have some surprises for you, too....so please tune in. You can listen worldwide at www.WIBG.com just click on "LIsten Live" and you are there.

Thanks...hope you can make it with us!

Don Hurley

Host Classic Rock Memories

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