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Jim/Wally TV Appearance


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Trindy, thanks for the reporting. Good job!

I wouldn't despair too much about the cd/dvd coming out "this spring." Kind of a nice tie-in to the 35th Anniversary of the first Raspberries LP, which debuted on the Billboard Top 200 Album charts on May 20, 1972 (eventually peaking at #51) during a 30-week chart attack.

Kind of a neat PR campaign for the new cd/dvd release, I would offer, "Celebrating 35 Years On The Charts And In Our Hearts..."

Don :)

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Hi Bruce,

I believe you are correct about the release dates being April of 1972 (I was glancing at Anastasia Pantsios' "History Of The Cleveland Rock Scene" article from Exit magazine in 1975 where she says the single was released in April, so I imagine the album release would have been at about the same time).

The single, "Don't Want To Say Goodbye," first charted on May 13 (peaking at #86 in Billboard after two weeks). The debut album first hit the chart on May 20th. Those "first charted dates" I'm using are from Billboard historian Joel Whitburn's "Top Pop Albums" and "Top Pop" (singles) books, but Whitburn doesn't include album or single "release dates" in his books.

In a related note on the single, in Ken Sharp's book "Overnight Sensation" there's a neat article (undated, but probably from April of 1972) reprinted on page 128 written by Cleveland writer Bruno Bornino talking about the initial success of the "Don't Want To Say Goodbye" single.

I won't quote the whole article (since the book is still being sold, I believe), but it says in part:

"...More than 5,000 copies of the single have been sold in Greater Cleveland... Eric Carmen and Wally Bryson, who composed the single, have long been recognized as two of the city's most gifted young musicians..."

Kind of a nice early compliment to Eric and Wally, and the sales for DWSG show a good level of support for Raspberries in Cleveland early on. Then the band went on a national tour with The Grass Roots in May of 1972, followed by "Go All The Way" debuting on the charts on July 1st, and the rest is history...

Don :)

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i for one ohioan to another would like to welcome jeff..i've watched him on a couple of channels here locally,and he seems to be a class act,and has always supported the berries!! he's a very "locally" involved person..i'm sure he could have moved on numerous times,but he's still here..ah,loyalty,it seems to be lost nowadays,but i applaud it whole heartedly!! welcome jeff!!lol,chris

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