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Jim/Wally TV Appearance


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I just saw Wally and Jim on the news segment this morning. Unfortunately Dave won't be there tonight--he has an inner ear infection and can't fly. Too bad. They said Eric had family obligations keeping him out of town until this morning, but would be back for the parade.

But they were showing segments of the DVD, and so far it looks great! They were just showing snippets of GATW. I pretty much missed the first one because for some reason my remote wouldn't begin recording when I hit the button. But I got the rest of it. Channel 3 will also be providing live parade coverage at 6 tonight. Yeah!

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Ok, Dave will not be at the parade as he has an inner ear infection and could not fly in. They showed a couple short clips of I WANNA BE WITH YOU and GATW from the DVD and I was very very impressed with the sound mix. Well balanced and the harmonies sounded as good as being in the studio.

Not much else new was said..they enjoy playing as the Raspberries once again, Eric was out of town for Thanksgiving but is coming back early this afternoon and some comments on the parade.

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For the record, they were not on for long--maybe five minutes. Jeff Maynor interviewed them and they didn't have time to say much except to explain why Dave wasn't there and what was up with Eric. Wally said a little about liking doing studio recordings but that he really comes alive on stage. It was also mentioned that parts of the DVD would be shown tonight and that it will be coming out "this spring." Sigh. I was hoping for something a bit sooner.

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