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Who's Through With Love?


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Oh my goodness......

Bernie, there are not enough thank you's to send to you today.

This is and has always been my most cherished Eric song. The emotions I connect with it are indelible. As much as I loved the actual video (HC, the suspenders got me EVERY time too!) the Solid Gold performance, IMHO, was breathtaking. It always felt so 'real' to me, like Eric was taking the opportunity to sincerely convey every note and word...... danmichel, I agree 100%, it should have been HUGE.

This is a treasure I'd so hoped for Bernie. I'd lost my VHS tapes of most of my Eric/Raspberries a long time ago, so seeing these mean more to me then I could ever tell you.

You are, without exception, the king and my hero. LuvLove

(Gee, if this is what happens when I'm away for a few days, I might have to plan more vacations!!)

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Right on HT. What would our 'Berries/Carmen world be like without Bernie's energy, devotion, skill and his selfless desire to share his love of this music and all that is connected to it with all of us? Only a first class human being could be capable of such generosity. Thank you Bernie for this and everything else that you have done.

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I'll be honest, I used to hate ITWL. But after seeing this video, I've gotta admit, I really like it! And what surprises me more is that videos usually totally ruin songs for me. I like to create my own 'mind video' instead of having one shoved into my head by a record company. But this one, totally changed my opinion of a song I didn't like for 23 years. Thank goodness for ETV!


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