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Steven Tyler & Eric Carmen


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Funny how things work out.

Back in early 70's, Aerosmith was a struggling band with a minor local hit (Dream On) and no national exposure. In my home town, we were treated to free Aerosmith concerts every summer...at the park...at the local armory...imagine some no name band rocking out to 50 or so folks ...most all boozed up. The local paper ran an article lamenting the fact that Aerosmith had failed to attract an audience beyond Massachusetts and RI. Tyler was quoted as saying he was ready to give uo the dream.

Then...a fluke....Dream On is re-released....and catches on nationally....

No more free concerts smile

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Thanks, Eric. Tickets for the L.A. show in February, go on sale today, saturday, through TicketMaster. I didn't realize that was your post. I read too fast, and skipped the last two lines. Then I saw the next post. I haven't followed Rock, in the past, except for Phil Keaggy, the virtuoso, who plays so many styles. Jimmy Hendrix talked about Phil a little bit.

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Eric, What a great picture of two of the most incredibly talented musicians of all time! You and Steven have much in common--an incredible talent and an undeniable vision and dynamic force to make what you conceive become musical reality.

Somewhere back in a thread a long time ago I said something like that. I would love to hear you both talk about music together. What a thrill to hear that you loved his concert and see the two of you together. "Lookin' terrific!"

smile --Darlene

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Yes, Darlene, it would be great to hear both of them talk about music. I would suggest a public forum, like KOCE.org. This is a very well known T.V. station here in Southern California. Singers, authors go on every day. You can show concerts, and do topical speeches.

I was just watching Spanish Guitarist Ronnie Benise. He will have a Meet and Greet at The Greek Theatre, in Southern California, in April. He mixes a little Rock music, and if anyone is familiar with Yanni, the pianist, who does extravagent shows, this is what Ronnie reminds of. He has dancers who change costumes and they do Spanish, Cuban, Brazilian, and African dances while Ronnie does his guitar playing. The show I watched was in Santa Barbara, California, and Ronnie used to play music on the streets there. What a theatre, with backgrounds made to look like houses! Great sound with Dolby 5.1 surround sound, and incredible lighting. They used 10 cameras for the concert, and Ronnie played in the aisles around the audience, too.

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Segments from Aerosmith and The Raspberries shows could be put on DVD, with interviews about their music and history.

Most of the people who go on KOCE.org T.V.(A public T.V. station) sell C.D.'s, and DVD's. Between songs, or speeches by authors, they are interviewed live in the studio, with live phone answering volunteers. Then, they go back to the show on DVD. They must have 30 to 40 phones ready while the show is playing. You can buy both, or separate, then later, again. Dr. Perricone, the expert skin researcher, was on following Ronnie's show. It seems like Dr. Perricone's show is on two to four times each year on that one station. There must be thousands who watch this station every day. John Denver will be on Monday, December 12th. Any show can be repeated without the artist or author being there.

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I forgot to mention that Ronnie's show is repeating tonight on KOCE T.V., at 6:30 P.M. and 10:30 PM., west coast time. And John Denver's will be his songs, history, and interviews with Annie, his ex-wife, and with those closest to him. (On Channel 50 in So. Cal, and probably on Cable T.V. stations). There you go, "The Trifacta exacta".

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The most similar thing about Steven Tyler and Eric is the vast amount of sheer creative (and kinetic!) energy they both have. Always thinking, always on to the next thought, idea, seed of a concept. This comes from the blend of musical talent AND a very driven intellect. When you have THAT combination, look out! And they definitely have the combination. Those two can make ANYTHING happen!

smile --Darlene

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I definitely want to see Aerosmith. Never seen them, so I'm sure I will be surprised. Steven and Eric are my kind of musicians-Thinkers, innovators, and people who can sing well. I didn't realize that Steven Tyler was such a polished singer. That means he cares alot about what he gives to his audiences. It looks like I will be going to more rock concerts in the future. I can't wait.

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Aerosmith and the Raspberries, two great bands. Joe Perry can play just about any style of music with alot of feeling, he's definitely one of my favorite guitar players.

The first time I went to an Aerosmith concert, I had gone to see Rush, who hadn't shown up, and was replaced by a band I didn't know at the time, Aerosmith, I was quickly blown away (early 70's).

First time I saw a Raspberries concert was in Shippensburg, Pa (early 70's also), when I went to see the James Gang and Sly and the Family Stone, and guess who played with them! Raspberries, who turned out to be my all time favorite band.

The first time I saw Eric Carmen live, I went to see America with Sha Na Na, and to my surprise my already favorite solo artist Eric Carmen opened for them.

A great turn of events for me. 2 cents from my life story! Life is good!

Great picture of Eric and Steve!


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Got it figured out, they rescheduled 3 shows in a row between 1/30 - 2/6 and pushed to mid-April due to illness. They did play last Friday the 10th so thinks must be back in order.

The Kravitz rumor must come from since the rescheduled show are now March, Kravitz will be replaced with Cheap Trick since CT is doing all March shows.

Kravitz is still on the present tour in Feb.

Set list from Friday. Surprised to see so much old as compared to their comeback hits.


Walk This Way

Same Old


SOS Too Bad


Shakin My Cage

Stop Messin

Sweet Emotion


Dream On

Big Ten Inch

Baby Please

Train-Slow Train



Draw The Line

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