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for everyone else, this is officially my first post. How'd I do? Eric

I think you passed the audition!!

it's very cool to see actual EC posting & SO COOL to hear that you checked out The Choir--

thanks for the backstory! I've been reading Bob Spitz's new bio on The Beatles which really goes back to the well & unearths great detailed stories of the early years and what made them tick... a never ending fascination for most of us who LOVE music: the alchemy of a rock band...

it's also a great insight into the personalities and all the ups and downs they faced on their way to the top-- not a short road by any stretch...

as brief as the Raspberries career was, it was not without its deep IMPACT... along with the choice few (i.e. Big Star & Badfinger) you guys truly gave the sagging early '70s the much needed kick in the arse it needed... and the afterglow was what helped fuel the power pop & punk movements (Steve Jones knows, too)...

not a bad show, indeed...

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What an extraordinary opportunity! Thank you, Eric, for more than 30 years of dedication to your craft and to your fans. And thank you Bernie for your tireless dedication.

The Definitive Collection is my favorite "crank it up and work around the house" CD. One day last April, when the wife and kids were out of town, I was hanging blinds upstairs and had the CD blasting. Loud enough to be heard from the sidewalk.

My neighbors Helene and Becky popped their heads in the door, stifling their laughter, and yelled to see if I was ok. They had pictured me in the bathtub, surrounded by candles, sobbing to ABM because I was lonely and missed my family.

I made no apologies.

Eric, again Thank You for your wonderful music. My 5 year old son can pick out Raspberries riffs. So the next generation of fans is on their way!

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Thanks for pointing that out, Bernie. It's been a crazy week and I'm still in the "thumbing through" phase of my copy, so I latch on to tidbits like this. 😜

And, Tony, look at it this way - the shameless plug is ammo for Kathy to use in her campaign for a second edition.


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Eric... I recently heard a recording of Cyrus Erie performing "Try"...wasn't that more of an attempt of that time period of the group replicating a Small Faces sound?? I remember when CE performed that at Chesterland Hulabaloo...you were getting a feel from the crowd if it was "liked"...

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So I shut off my PC Monday night about 11p, leave town the next morning for a 3 day trip and missed all the excitement. So here I am, 7 pages in to this thread and can only say, a big hearty warm southern welcome to ya, Eric.

Oh yeah, you guys were a force. Just look at the activity on this board. It speaks volumes.

Don't be a stranger, young man.

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Eric as much as I love your solo music... there was something really special with the music you created with the Raspberries. And thanks for making it possible for all your fans to see this live (for me it was a first time I only regret I didnt get to meet you in person). Very excited about the upcoming DVD and when you put out some new music with the rest of the Raspberries it will be the best comeback album of all time.

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"How'd I do?" the lauded Perfectionist asked.

You done good.

But, you've always been a "force for good" in the Universe.

While other artists blasted music that could grab hold of you momentarily and deafen your senses, the Raspberries/Carmen offered more. Their music lingered with you. Many people have taken something valuable and cherised away from that musical experience - either new interests, comfort, or perhaps a new perspective. It makes you think.

You have positively touched the lives of numerous people - far more than you will ever know. And you're doing it all over again. That is a force for good.

Eric Speaks.



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