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Tour Dates for Eric

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Bernie-- Are you positive that Eric is joining the Abbey Road tour the beginning of next month? The tour is coming to Mankato, MN on July 7th but when I checked the ticket info, he isn't listed as one of the performers that night. I AM THERE if Eric is going to perform but don't want to make a 4 hour drive unless 110% sure he will be there. I would certainly appreciate any info you could give me Thanks!

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Don't get too hung up on the venue's posting of archaic press releases. Read my notes on the other Eric tour posting. Bernie has the scoop ahead of even the venues.. If it says Eric on Bernie's site, Eric's there, at least that's the best inside information available at the time, but come on, it is show biz and anything can happen...

Seattle Steve

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Patience, Leonard...patience. --Bernie

PS: As Steve said, you guys are getting this info FAST!!! Sometimes even faster then the venues (believe it or not). Eric has told me that he'll play the Hawaii dates and all July dates. That's what I'm going by. A lot of the venues have info from before Eric was brought into the tour. Hopefully they'll change those listings as the shows get closer and closer. One caveat ... thangs can change. The schedule is jam-packed. I can't guarantee Eric will be at every show listed. But there's a good enough chance that he will, which is why I've already locked up tickets for anything within driving distance of my home! :) --Bernie

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