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Les Paul Tribute Show Pics!

Al K

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Oh, and the house band was absolutely BRILLIANT, as well. The drummer, Gene Chrisman, told me he and Bobby Wood, the keyboardist and bandleader, had been playing together for 50 YEARS. They were all from Memphis and Nashville and their bios read like a "Who's Who" of popular music, from Elvis to Johnny Cash to Willie Nelson to Waylon Jennings. Other names on their resumes included Aretha Franklin, Mel Torme, Ray Charles, Johnny Mathis, Wilson Picket, george Jones, Neil Diamond, Dusty Springfield, Dionne Warwick, Jerry Lee lewis and Garth Brooks.

These boys could PLAY!

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How lucky are we here? - Not only to see the pictures from such a historical event, but also, because of Eric's generous gift to share with us his first-hand recount of the evening, we can get a taste of almost being there!

Eric, I think I can speak for all of us here at EC.com to let you know how thankful we are here at Thanksgiving time to see you looking so well, and, how happy we are to be reading the unmistakable excitement in your post, about what must have been a truly once-in-a-lifetime evening for you!

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Eric...You look great!

But you do have one advantage over many of us...The benefit of the All-Year San Diego-ish climate that is such a benefit of living in Cleveland even in the Wnter Time.

Here in Jersey...The winter drags us all down a wee bit.

All kidding aside-Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family!-Ira.

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Thank you so much for the behind the scenes story of the Les Paul Tribute night. He certainly is a legend. I grew up listening to his recordings because my aunt was an avid Les Paul and Mary Ford fan.

Great talent recognizes itself. You were thrilled to perform with Les and the other musicians and they were thrilled to perform with you! What a spectacular gig! I'm so happy for you!

smile --Darlene

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