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Donna Fargo "Change Of Heart"

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On 3/19/2006 at 1:12 PM, Don_Krider said:

Getting off the subject, but one of these days, I just hope Eric Carmen sits down at a piano all by himself and cuts an album of his tunes with just himself as a vocalist playing the piano. It could be a simple, inexpensive package, pretty much done live, with some sheet music reproduced inside. I think that would be something special just for the fans (whether most critics will like it, who cares?) - but something like that will please the fans, and I think it has a broader appeal to music teachers, piano students, and others. The big selling point is that it wouldn't be very expensive to make, wouldn't need a lot of production, and could be very profitable for a major record company to release. I personally think such an album would work, even in today's market.... 

Don smile

Yes, good ol' Don Krider. He left us too soon, Bernie. He did some nice things on this board and on our Boats Against the Current blog. 

The Don note I quoted above was a good idea in 2006, and it's a good idea now. Alas, I think there's a better chance I'll win a Pulitzer Prize, but we can hope. So, Eric, stretch out those fingers, start drinking hot tea and honey, and get warmed up. Here's the set list for a live piano-and-vocals-only album. It's okay that your voice won't sound like it did in 1979. These songs all deserve a new reading with a mature tone, right? The good news: You won't have to write anything new! This set list is less than an hour long. 

1. Desperate Fools (Overture AND the song proper—I'm a slave-driver!)
2. Boats Against the Current
3. Waiting
4. I'm Through with Love 
5. Everything
6. Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
7 The Way We Used to Be
8. Nowhere to Hide 
9. Let's Pretend (slow version)
10 Starting Over
11. Love Is All That Matters
12. I Was Born to Love You
13 Foolin' Myself
14. All By Myself (long version, of course)

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1 minute ago, Vinnie B Trask said:

Is Krider still alive? i see an obituary for a Don E Krider last month,


Donald Edson Krider

Ocean Twp. - Donald Edson Krider, 79 of Ocean Twp. and formerly of Sea Girt passed away Friday, February 11, 2022 at his home with his devoted children at his bedside."

I read above and see that he is gone!

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