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Similarities? Guess

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Bernies picture of the EC book along with McCartney and Brian Wilson inspired me to order some books on Amazon. While I was browsing for other things I found this description on a certain DVD on Amazon, word for word, notice any similarities and who do you think it is?

"For a few years in the early '70s, XXXXXXXXX rose from the shadow of the Beatles and emerged as pioneers of infectious power pop. Bridging the gap between the British invasion and American indie pop bands like Big Star, XXXXXXXXX crafted beautifully melodic tunes like XXXXXX"

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Badfinger it is. Direct quote from their recentdocumentary DVD as posted on Amazon.

What a similarity. I remember when the Raspberries first hit Eric saying something to the effect of he wanted the sound to be more American then the Beatles, and more British then the Beach Boys.

Seattle Steve

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I agree, I love their greatest hits, but don't find myself getting a lot deeper in their catalogue. No Matter What and Day After Day are great. They had every advantage being supported by the Beatles.

Makes you wonder what would have happened to the Raspberries if Apple and the Beatles had back them, or if Paul was given them songs, or better yet, collaborating with Eric.

Somebody out there has the Raspberries covering No Matter What from the early days. If so, email me, I'm sure I have some trade bait.

Seattle Steve


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Seattle Steve,

Agreed that the Raspberries perfected the art--however, I'd like to say something in defense of Badfinger.

I noticed you said you don't find yourself going deeper into the Badfinger catalogue other than the singles--but you might want to give their amazing album "Wish You Were Here" (1974) a try.

It's the last release from the classic Badfinger lineup--and like Eric's first solo record is confessional in nature--yet also incredibly catchy and superbly produced.

And as with the Raspberries' "Starting Over"--the album is a classic which got good reviews--but went un-noticed by the fickle market of the times.

Even more dramatically--five months after release, Pete Ham took his life--which gives this record a spiritual feel.

In the songs on "Wish You Were Here"--one can discern Pete's brave attempts at finding reasons to go on--while Joey and Tommy's songs reflect their efforts at bringing Pete out of the black hole of depression.

All this--while juggling Chris Thomas' direction in producing a note-perfect pop-rock production on par with "Abbey Road."--Larry L.

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