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March 20th!


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You sound just like my husband Bernie - everytime I just think I've mastered the operating system on the computer, he decides to change it to something 'better'. That means re-installing programs, moving files, etc. It takes me awhile to get the hang of the new one, and he's off again, installing yet another.

I'm sure the changes you make will be awesome!

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Whenever Herman wants to totally confuse me, he changes the configuration of something on the computer. Then I'm locked out and become frustrated until I figure it out. Then, it changes back again... Okay, Bern, we'll be looking for it, but I will heavily weigh Kathy's opinion of it, before making a judgement...(just kidding) If YOU are doing it, then it will be great! Just bear with me if it takes me a while to learn how to navigate it all over again.

smile --Darlene (who was once afraid of the current fantastic format)

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