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New To L.A., But A 35-Year Fan!


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I recently moved to LA from Germantown, MD. Just before I moved, I heard the Raspberries were playing in NY. I really wanted to go, but I had too much to do getting ready for my cross-country journey. I was thrilled when I heard the guys were playing at HOB in LA! I bought my ticket, and can now say it was one of the best shows I've ever seen.

I've been a fan since the first album. I have followed Eric's solo career as well. In my younger days I was a rocker, playing in many bands in North Carolina where I grew up. We did our own material, but we also snuck in a Raspberries song occasionally. About 10 years ago, I recorded a song I wrote that was an homage to Eric. It appeared on a compilation CD called "Yellow Pills, Vol. 3". (Ironically, Scott McCarl's version of "Nobody Knows" is the track just before mine on the CD!) Anyway, seeing the original 4 in concert at HOB brought everything full circle for me. I could hardly believe my eyes when the curtain arose and there they were!

By the way, I posted on this board about 2 years ago when talk of a reunion was just wishful thinking. Funny how good things happen when you think they never can! And incidentally, the first week I was in LA, I saw The Knack give a free concert in Warner Park in Woodland Hills. It was also a cool show. They haven't lost their chops either.

I hope to get a chance to visit this board more often.


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