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This is now a Beatlebum-FREE Zone


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I've had enough! Every post of his needed to be "moderated" and this morning he had the nerve to insult members who have been here for years. Everyone who has supported this website for the past eight years shouldn't have to put up with that.

Therefore, he is no longer a Member.

The Moderators are in the process of cleaning up the board and removing all of his posts. Please bear with us while we get things back in order.

So, with that—let's get back to talking about the music!


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I think Bang Bang, "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" came down--on-- his-- head. I just got the most cryptic e-mail from a moderator asking, "how did YOU ever get mixed up in this mess?" Then I got a private e-mail from Drew saying he an Beatlebum WOULD be in AC, but due to "circumstances" and post deletions, they were "forced" to lie and say they wouldn't be.

Unfortunately, I miss all the drama because I'm back in school now, so I have no idea what happened.

Just when I was getting to understand some of his musical comments and enjoying some of his posts.

Go figure...

:) --Darlene

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Tony Cartmill said:

Can't he just come back under another member name? (Like Eric does ;) )

Eric Carmen was beatlebum (& the Walrus)..... i remember it just like yesterday when we were goin' back & forth about how cool it would be to create a "psuedonym" and be creative with it.... needless to say Eric was more than creative.... it was his idea to do the duel identity/"anthony & drew" part of it.... crafty fella he......

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