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Boats Against The Current/Change of Heart


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bluedog--it wasn't until shipped today but I have 2 day shipping from Amazon so I'll have it on Wednesday. I won't be the person to comment on quality because, other than the GH album, I don't own any EC records on CD. I will still file a report.

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My copy of the reissue arrived today. I know I'm not as good a fan as the rest of you--BATC was my favorite album when I was in college but I never got it on CD. I almost asked my colleagues in the fantasy league to burn a copy for me but that wouldn't have been good economically for Eric. I almost bought a copy from Japan but that wouldn't have been good economically for me. I made due with my taped version until Bernie posted about the American Beat reissue.

It's on now and I just heard Nowhere To Hide for the first time in years. When the song goes from the bridge back to the first verse but with the strings added, well, I got chills. It's like seeing an old friend but the friend is still the same and time hasn't diminished the friendship. Maybe I'm babbling but these songs are still as powerful as when I listened to them in my dorm room at Clark University. This is fantastic.

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