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Anyone able to e-mail me a copy of the song "Sunrise"? Yes, I'll admit it - I've never heard the "Boats" album (and I don't have a copy of "Change of Heart" either, although I've at least heard it before). I've been reading a lot of "Marathon Man" lately, and the song gets mentioned. I'd like to hear what I'm reading about.

Anyone willing to break copyright and e-mail me the whole album - I won't tell! wink

my e-mail is michelle@trooper.ca

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Whoops - got the album that the song is on incorrect. Still, I'd like to hear the song, as the book has me interested in it. I own most of the other albums in one format or another. About the only other song I don't think I've ever heard is the version of "Boats" with the background singers. Anyone have a copy of that as well as "Sunrise"?

Thanks in advance,

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If you have a turntable (hope so) and flea markets nearby, you 'might' be able to find a copy of Eric C's first album.

Although my brother had it already and we played the stew out of it way back, I picked up a copy at the Pearl flea market in Jackson, MS last year. YES, Sunrise is a real gem. I also rediscovered other songs on that LP..."Last Night," in particular. (Can anyone relate to those lyrics?).

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Michelle, i am so happy someone else makes mistakes with titles besides me..although i am so far ahead of everyone else it is SCARY!!

Sunrise is such an uplifting song and contagious!

I HATE THE BACKGROUND SINGERS ON BOATS WITH A PASSION!!!! Oh, does that burn me up everytime I hear it. it is just wrong.

ahhhh...I feel better.

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