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5th anniv. of George Harrison's passing.......

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It's a great loss for all concerned. Family and fans I am sure. I always imagined that he'd end up sitting on the top of a mountain in India as some kind of old guru at the age of 90. It was a real shock to see him pass so young. Alot of people seem uncomfortable with spirituality in music , and relatedly critiques on human behavior, but Harrison's thoughtfulness on these levels ( like Cat Stevens actually) is uplifting, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally powerful. The thing that amazes me about post-Beatles George is not the hit songs, but the obscure tracks which are long forgotten but are tremendously powerful songs and full of great beauty. "Who Can See it" and "Be Here Now" from "Living in the Material World" are good examples.

He had a wonderful authentic style of his own, from his voice to his slide guitar work not to mention his interesting use of minor and augmented chords in his song writing. It was nice to see him end with "Brainwashed," which is his best album lyrically since "All Things Must Pass." I think that "Brainwashed" was a fitting musical summary of all the things that concerned him about life and artistry. It also contains less commercial gems like "Looking for My Life." Harrison commented in the 30th anniversary edition of "All Things Must Pass" that he wasnt particularly keen on the wall-of-sound production of Spector for many of the songs on that album. But I think the haunting reverb of that production parallels many of the beautifully haunting songs he wrote for that masterpiece.

Its been a quick five years, he's really missed.

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Beautifully done, raspberrywine. In some ways to me, George's death (and John's also) seem just like "yesterday." In another way, it seems like forever ago, because I miss them so much since the day each left us. In some ways, it seems so long ago. I wonder what they'd be recording now, etc. I miss not seeing them get older, as I am.

frown --Darlene

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Yeah, George's death -- even though I knew he was fighting cancer -- still shocked me.... It was the day before my birthday in '01, so it was a depressing one.

When the Harrison tribute DVD --- from the 2002 concert organized by Eric Clapton --- came out in '03, I bought it instantly and played it nonstop for weeks. It has so many reverent performances of George songs.... I love the version of "Handle with Care" done by Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne; Ringo's "Photograph" is great (he and George wrote that one); and it's awesome to see/hear Paul McCartney doing "For You Blue," "Something" (with Clapton), and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (on piano and backup vocals).

I also loved Billy Preston's version of "My Sweet Lord" and the whole ensemble's "Wah-Wah." And wasn't that little "I'll See You in My Dreams" bit a great way to close the concert/DVD? Haunting song by a guy I didn't know much about (Joe Brown).

Also highly recommended (but kind of underrated): the live album George put out in 1992 (Live in Japan). It's loaded up with his Beatles and solo classics, and Clapton plays guitar... It's worth it just to hear them wail away on "Isn't It a Pity" and "Guitar Gently Weeps."

If you don't have Live in Japan, snoop around for it.... It's a 2-CD set, and worth every bit of the $20 or $25 it costs....

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That's okay.... The American music scene isn't always to my liking. But as long as I've got Beatles, Eric Carmen/Raspberries, and Beach Boys classics (plus a few others), I'm happy enough. Clapton is great, too. I haven't seen him in concert in many, many years, but it's one of those things I'd like to do....

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