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I have the Eric Carmen interview...


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I have the raw Eric Carmen interview tape that was recorded about 5 years ago in Cleveland...this means all the off-camera laughs and comments. It also shows the gold records on Erics walls & his piano. I want to share this tape at no charge, but not sure how to handle the deluge I'm about to receive. Suggestions???

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Would it be possible to change it to a format viewable online and have Bernie post it? Don't know about the copyright implications about that. Geez, I'm a librarian, but have no idea about US copyright law.

You could also make tapes of the interview and mail them out to those interested - at a small fee for the tapes. I had someone else on the forum do that of the 1980 concert in Japan, and there were no hassles. Even getting the video across the border was no problem, so those of us in other countries would be able to view the tape too (except in the UK and Australia - as they have a different VHS format).


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