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EC influence on Kyle Vincent?


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"Sweet Sixteen, Rare and Unreleased". 18 tracks. Kyle's leftovers. A few good songs.

Even a little known artist like Kyle can have an official rare and unreleased CD. Why not Eric?

Kyle's "On The Beach" cover stays pretty true to the original.

Kyle's on a big protest to stop the Canadian baby seal clubfest over on his website. For once Kyle and I agree on a world issue!

Stop killing baby seals for their fur, Freakin' Canadians!

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Ah quit yet whining you damn Califorians! Unless you've lived through -45 degree winters (the coldest I've ever been out in is -77 - brrr! eek ) you can't understand. Plus, compared to farmed mink, chinchilla, and other animals that are killed for clothing, seals are a very very small percentage.

I, on the other hand, am a rabid vegitarian who doesn't wear fur at all. I tried for the longest time to not wear any animal products, but it's REALLY hard. All shoes tend to have at least a bit of leather. Even the glue on postage stamps have animal products in them. It's very hard to be anti-animal usage.


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I spoke to Kyle a couple of years ago about Eric, he said he was very influenced by Eric. Kyle also said the very first song he ever recorded was Boats Against the Current. I've also heard Kyle perfrom Go All the Way, I wanna Be with you and Overnight Sensation in concert. He does a great job on all of them!


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