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Raspberries TONIGHT! Update


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It was 10 below zero here and Raspberries Tonight was in the mailbox today! Thanks for the free stamps, they are really neat and not cancelled. I sat down at our sundrenched kitchen with a cup of coffee and the book. What a way to warm up with those three things! Thanks so much Ken, Gene, Bernie and Kathy for your fine efforts!


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There used to be an old television show in the 50s called "You Are There" or something like that. I don't know if Edward R. Murrow was the host or not, but it relived famous moments in history.

Certainly Raspberries Tonight puts you in a "You Are There" setting--backstage, behind the scenes into the minds and hearts of the guys, Overdubs and crew.

A momentous time in R&R history, and "YOU ARE THERE!"


smile --Darlene

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You, Ken and Gene did a great job on the book. You know that already.

I got the book today (my fault for ordering late) and I was like a little kid reading every page tonight --- took me back to 1973 when I'd grab a magazine like "Beatles Forever" and read it cover-to-cover in one sitting, but most of all it reminded me of going to the local Wish's Drug Store and seeing the November 1973 issue of Hit Parader with the Raspberries on the cover when it hit the newstand in September of 1973 (despite the cover date, it came out two months earlier).

Man, I read that short article and looked at the cover more than I care to admit; then I saw those guys live in November of 1973 --- best band ever, in my book (one-page, out-of-print).

You guys got it. You guys get it. You guys delivered it in "Raspberries Tonight!"

This will sound like ass-kissing, but I mean every word --- you brought tears to my eyes. I can't explain it, but reading the love (think about that, "reading the love") these guys have for each other now; hearing Eric call Wally the greatest guitar-player he's ever played with and each of the guys honestly praising one another, really made my bad ticker beat a bit gentler.

Man, I always knew that if they just tried, they themselves would "get it" --- Raspberries would know what all us "first generation" fans have always "believed," that they were, are and always will be one of the greatest bands of all-time.

The love, the humor, the fun, the great music --- that's what turned me onto Raspberries in 1972-73. They have it all in one scratch 'n' sniff package. God, I love these guys (and the features on the wonderful Overdubs are pretty darn cool, too, folks).

I'm collecting my thoughts on this and will review it somewhere. Right now, one picture --- one beautiful black-and-white picture --- says a thousand words to me: page 34, photo by Bernie Hogya: Dave Smalley sitting with the most intense, emotional look on his face and in his eyes as Eric Carmen plays the keyboards; that's the one that did me in, man, brought tears to my eyes (I am not a wussy, but I am a sensitive guy, damn it).

That picture, my friend, captured a moment that can't be recreated and is genuine. Then to read the comments of the guys --- all the guys --- of how they felt/feel about all of this is really inspiring.

In a month where Mike Love is suing Brian Wilson again (this time over the use of his image on the "Smile" release), Raspberries are the artists who know what's truly important --- love is all that matters, after all, and to know that they are friends again, well, that's pretty darn cool.

The film "Field Of Dreams" kept running through my mind as I read the book --- you know, "If you build it, they will come." I truly believe that, "If Raspberries record it, they will buy."

I think the timing is right --- imagine an advertisement for a new Raspberries' release featuring quotes from Raspberries' celebrity fans about the band; people will notice, and people will buy.

Ken Barnes wrote in Rolling Stone in 1974 that "Starting Over" wasn't the "ultimate Raspberries' triumph" --- he was right, that triumph will come with the next album (you know, a little girl ala "Poltergist" in front of a TV set with static on the screen says, "They're back," and suddenly the Raspberries logo appears on screen followed by video of the boys playing something new).

I had to write you this while it was "Fresh" in my mind. To everyone involved, you rock!

Happy Holidays to you all, and a very, Berry Christmas!

Don smile

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