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Raspberries TONIGHT! Update


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Still waiting for my book...but fortunately, thigns have been so busy with school that even if it did come...I'd have trouble finding time to read it. School gets out next week for the winter break, so....will have plenty of time to read it without interruption then. Happy Holidays to all!


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Out here in Lombard the mail was kind and delivered an early X-Mas gift. The book is great. Scented stickers were a nice touch, really took me back to when I first bought the album(for 3.79). I've been out of the Cleveland area for as long as the group was apart, it was nice to see some old photos of places I used to frequent. Only hope they make it back to HOB in Chicago. A DVD would be just fine as well. Happy Holidays to all.

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Well, I am right with you. No Raspberries Tonight from USPS today. I have to look at this in a positive light. I will be going to the dentist in a few hours and that will make me feel better! At least every day after I know it did not arrive, I can only go up. Kind of like having a hangover and you keep feeling better as time goes by.


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I just reponded to a handful of folks who haven't received their copies yet via e-mail, when my super-sleuth wife asked me to check when each was sent. Curiously, each was shipped on December 7, which means either they're all lost (even though they were going to separate addresses in different parts of the country) OR they're just stuck in the holiday mail. I'm guessing most of you will find it in your mailboxes in the next day or two, if not I will happily send a replacement copy ASAP.


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Hey Bernie,

What can I say ... this book is freakin' amazing! My copy arrived yesterday, I read the intro but had to stop so I can savor the rest later when I have the time ... I was at the second BB Kings show and blown away at the Atlantic City one and needless to say your book will be a constant reminder of what great gigs both were. Many thanks for this; you and Ken did a kick ass job all around!



P.S. Any chance of a second edition with a possible collectors pack? The stickers are primo!

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What a great package! It’s obvious a lot of thought and energy has gone into it all. Thank you Ken, Bernie, Kathy, Gene and everybody involved. I’ve only had a quick peek as I am going to look at it properly hopefully some time after Christmas. I can’t wait to read about Denver, as that was the only gig I missed. I love the scratch n sniff sticker on the box ~ such thoughtful detail ! I’m grateful for all your dedication. It’s all a great keepsake.


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