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Raspberries TONIGHT! Update


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I've been away from the board, reading Raspberries Tonight. I promised not to say ANYTHING about anything till everyone received their books and Ultimate Fan Packs--but I WILL say that you can't imagine the thrill of either.

I held the book with shaking hands all the while I read it. From the very beginning, tears were flowing as I read. If you didn't order, do it NOW! Run to the computer and contact Bernie.

If you thought you heard everything about the reunion from the band, or thought you know their feelings about the reunion, you're wrong. This book will truly take you into their minds and hearts...

Thanks, Bernie, Ken and Kathy, for this amazing book. And thanks SO much to Raspberries, Overdubs and Crew for giving us our dreams on a platter. Thanks, too, to all the fans and friends (and band families) who NEVER stopped believing. It's obvious the guys never stopped believing either. spinspinspin

smile --Love, Darlene

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I got mine yesterday, Saturday, WOW! Hey I didn't know they even did Sunday deliveries anymore. We used to get deliveries on Sundays the last two weeks before Christmas when I was a kid living in Chicago at the time. Any other parts of the country still get deliveries on Sundays during the holiday season?

TONIGHT far surpasses it's advertising, the extras were a really cool surprise. Now we need more concerts for 2006 so we can get the balance of the 2005 venues and the new 2006 venues (hint) into a new publication. After all, gotta keep Bernie and Kathy busy (like they're not already). Thanks guys.

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Ken and Bernie make this book collaboration stuff look pretty easy. They're strengths compliment each other. Ken is a great interviewer, and Bernie is a layout and production genius; not much of a stretch to make the analogy comparing them to a great lyricist and songwriter working together. I'd help fund as many Raspberries/Eric Carmen projects as they'd like to do smile Kirk.

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