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Raspberries TONIGHT! Update


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Oh boy oh boy oh boy....!!! Got mine too!

Luv the gorgeous box which contains the outrageously gorgeous book with the gorgeous photos of the gorgeous talented artists and technicians, plus every single delectable goodie!

I've been enjoying reading this thread, especially the guitar string comments! When I told Tom that I'd let him touch my Eric Carmen guitar string, he asked if he could put it on his guitar and I said *no*!!! No hesitation at all, immediate reaction! He was just joking but it was really funny anyway...

I actually had a tough time deciding whether to request an Eric or Wally guitar string. But then I figured since Wally gave Tom guitar picks at BB King's, it'd make sense to request Eric's guitar string so that we'd have personal items from each.

Thanks so much to Bernie, Ken, Gene, Kathy, The Raspberries, The Overdubs, the crew, Al and Denise for bringing to all of us so tirelessly lots of joy and love and goodies and GREAT MUSIC.

All The Best,

Joyce spinspin

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Bernie... I am officially off of the bummed out list.... the book is simply fantastic.

Congratualtions to you and Gene....I must get your autographs on the book at the next show...(which I hope is soon!).. The package was so thoughtfully put together...I love all of the bonus items. You guys have all done so well! Thanks! Don H

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To all those who await the arrival of their book:(which includes me too!)

Just arrived home from my job at the post office. I work at one of the plants that processes mail and packages. As you can imagine, we are in the midst of our busiest time of the year. Things are running smoothly and we are doing our darndest to keep the mail rolling along. I jokingly asked a package employee if they would keep an eye out for my package/book and set it aside for me when they find it! Was a bit tempted to root through one of the hundreds of hampers to find my treasure. Have patience, we will come through for you soon! And don't forget that the price of a 1st class will be 39 cents starting Jan. 8.! Till then, keep those cards and letters comin'. wink

And to Bernie and Kathy,

Thanks for entrusting your shipping needs to the US Postal service! happy

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Hey everyone,

I am glad to hear that the book is really exciting and a great read! Thanks Bernie, Ken and Gene for all your efforts! Thanks to Kathy for all your shipping efforts. I have just one question for all the midwest people who did not get the Super Package. I live in Illinois and have not seen the book yet. I just ordered the book so maybe that is the problem, that the books only were mailed Wed or Thurs. I hope its not stuck in a snowbank in Jersey City or Trenton! Just kidding. But, hey any of you other midwesterners receive the book only yet!


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Sentence is suspended, Raspberries TONIGHT has set me free! Is this a great country, or what? Where else can you get a first class tour book on your favorite band, free downloads, and all those extra goodies!?! Thanks to Bernie, Ken, Gene, and all the other contributors smile Kirk.

p.s.- Tony, use your "Get Out Of Jail Free" card.

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