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Raspberries TONIGHT! Update


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Concerning the arrival in our mailboxes of "Raspberries Tonight":

I think the mood for many of us on this board would be accurately reflected by the lyrics to a song sung by a popular midwest late sixties rock band....."Oh I'm Just Waiting... Anticipating for You (Her) to Show Up!"

What was the name of the group that sang it?


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Just got my package today and all I can say is....WOO HOO HOO!

After I found everything in the box, I just had to sit down and read cover to cover. What can I say...absolutely amazing. You guys have outdone yourselves! I relived many a happy memory tonight...and felt renewed hope that this truly is NOT the end of the road. I only hope I am right.

As for the "goodies"...well, I could afford only one special edition of this book, but I am not a greedy hog. Put it this way: there are certain others some of these will be shared with. Distribution will be as fair and equitable as I can make it.

But there's one little item I'll probaby be keeping. After all, it's not every girl in the world who can proudly call herself by the title by which I choose to be known from now on: "Official Keeper of Eric Carmen's G-String." (Well, one of 'em, anyway.)

Fellas (and Kathy), I'm speechless. And I think I am going to have to order a couple more of these little gems.

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Not to worry! There were so many box sets to prepare and ship out that the mailings were staggered over the past few days. I just checked my records and yours went out via Priority Mail on 12/6. Since you're in New Jersey I imagine yours will be reaching your doorstep today. Tomorrow at the latest :-) Let me know when it arrives safely (all box sets are packaged VERY WELL.)

I am sure you'll dig Raspberries TONIGHT! I am really proud of it!


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Mine arrived in Emmetsburg today!!! It was weird, I pulled up to the mailbox and there was nothing there. Kinda bummed. Not even a Christmas card or a bill! Nothing.

Then, hubby came home and parked in the driveway and came in through the porch. Well, right between the doors was our mail! And, there was my Ultimate Fan Pack!!! (wouldn't fit in the mailbox!)

Everything is AWESOME! Great job, Bernie, Ken, Gene and Kathy and the Packing Crew!


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What a beautiful package, the production and printing values of the book are just super. Ive read it all now and there are some really moving interviews and commentary. Very thoughtful stuff. Just a great job producing this for the fans, wonderful photos by Gene. All the "goodies" are great fun. Cant decide whether to save my Wally B string, or put it on my guitar.

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What a wonderful book and a great platinum package. It's truly a joy to the eyes, the layout and pictures are brilliant. I laughed and I cried, all the while smiling. I had to force myself to put it down after 60 some pages, to save for another day. It was a great surprise.... Well not really....based on your previous work.

The attention to detail in the "goodies package", right down to the box it came in, is terrific!

Much Thanks to all involved, especially Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim, who of course have made this dream come true.

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Bernie, Kathy, members of the Shipping Crew, Ken, and Gene,

My package was waiting for me as I got home last night.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! You all did a remarkable job in the creation of the book and goodies package and in getting it shipped so quickly. I can relate to julesberry's comment, because I'm straining to savor the book a little at a time.

It's really neat to get the guys' take on the reunion and what it's meant to them and to "the army" in this past year. Thanks again for all of your hard work, and perhaps "the elves" can take a long vacation after the Christmas rush is over. smile

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I got mine in the mail today (took an extended lunch just to wait for it) and now the mailman will be able to sleep better tonight knowing that his life is no longer in jeopardy...

I haven't had a chance to sit and read the book yet but all of the extra goodies freaking rocked and the smile on my faces seeing all of them was priceless! Perhaps just to keep in the spirit of the three Cleveland shows I was able to see I might even have to read the book while wearing my trusty purple hat (fotos upon request)...

Bernie, if nobody has told you lately, you are a class act that freaking ROCKS! Thank you again! smile


JS & His Purple Hat

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