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Raspberries TONIGHT! Update


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Mine was just delivered (already read 40 pages) and although I was able to see a pre-printed version in Atlantic City this is the real deal. Bernie, Ken and Gene thanks so much for taking the time to put this together. This will help to keep the memories alive.

To all the fans that have ordered books, you won't be disappointed for those that haven't ordered them "DO IT NOW"

I hope to see all of you at shows in 2006!! No, I do not know anything new I just hope that there will be more great music in 2006.

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I rushed over to the Hogyas right after school to get my hands on it! I didn't get to see the author nor the "girl in the shipping department," but fellow Raspberries fan Cheryl Hogya put it into my hot little hands. I've been sworn to secrecy not to say a word about the goodies inside, but I *can* say, WOW!!!!!!! Beyond what I ever dreamed!!!!!

Way way way beyond wicked cool!!!!!

I agree, Ernie. There WILL be shows in 2006!!!!!


smile --Over-the-moon Dar

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P.S. AnneG, Your fantasy "sick day" to read the book teased a possible SNOW DAY for tomorrow for us. I got so excited! However, the snow has stopped, so I'll have to do my "snow dance" tonight.

This book is so beautiful, I'm afraid to touch it to read it! The photography by Gene is absolutely amazing, and it's just so perfect--and that's just glancing through it!

I'm praying for that snow day...If drinking lemonade makes good things happen, will drinking hot cocoa make it snow?!

smile --Darlene

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Another false alarm this morning with FedEx. This is really testing my patience!!! spin

Hopefully the mailman will come early today --it's gotta be today; I can feel it!!!

Darlene, drinking hot cocoa under a fleece wrap is the best way to bring on a snow day!!! We're supposed to get some today, so I'll be sure to send some your way!


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