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Bernie, kudos to you for such a great opening image on the site! At first, when the window popped in white instead of black, I thought "What? Can't I get on? Did we crash the server?" Then I slowly saw the "HOLLYWOOD" letters fading in...and thought "Oh BOY, the West Coasters' dream has come true!!" Then seeing the "HOLLYWOOD" letters replaced with "RASPBERRIES" and hearing IWBWY was absolutely great...congrats for yet another terrific way of making an announcement! Believe me, I am tempted to book a flight and get my butt out there, especially because I think I am going to have to skip AC...

And THE BOOK! I was so hoping you and Ken would put your heads together and realize the story of the reunited band has to be told! Oh boy, Santa better start taking advance orders now because he's gonna have to be delivering a LOT of copies of this one this Christmas!

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WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! When I went on today and saw "HOLLYWOOD" I *knew* instantly. I told Tony on the phone just last night that it would happen soon...but had no idea HOW soon!

If my crystal ball is in *this* great a shape (somewhere on a thread in July I predicted "and California dreamin's becoming a reality"), then everyone had better watch out, because you won't be able to TAKE IN what's in my mind right now!

AND...with the new book (you two schemin', sneaky, LOVABLE guys!!!), it's gonna happen....!


smile --Darlene

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Bernie, did you have the "Hooray for Hollywood" music on there before? Because I don't remember hearing it the first time around. Just LOVE how it segues into IWBWY as the letters transform into RASPBERRIES!

I could play that opening over and over again and never get tired of it!

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