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7/08 - Pershing Auditorium

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I got tickets for this one! 7:30 PM, Monday, July 8th at Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln, Nebraska. Left Center, row DD (which, I'm reasonalbly sure is row 4 from the stage!! -- Hope he plays left!) Let us pray for good health so that I don't have to come home and cry myself to sleep like I did when I drove there to the Dirty Dancing Concert. Think lots of vitamins Eric, plenty of fluids, aspirin therapy, throat massages, hot tea with honey and lemon, and...well, you get the picture. wink My best friend since kindergarten (we're 42 now) is going with me. She's not a big fan of our hero, but she loves Alan Parsons. -- Julie

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Julie, how is the availablity on tickets? Since Eric will not be doing anything on the West Coast, and with my own personal scheduling the way it is, the Nebraska show is the most likely one I will be considering to see.

Needed a bunch of days off from work and I promised(a while back) that I would do the day which happened to be the day the Chicago show is, in exchange.

It would be easy for me to get to the Denver show, but getting the 4th of July off is a different story.

Anyway, let me know what the availaibility is on tickets is....

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Billy, I just went to Ticketmaster's site and it was too busy to order tickets. Don't know if they have some other hot shows coming up or what.

(Can't believe it's any better than this one :lol:

Anyway, I got my tickets late Saturday night and got really good seats, so hopefully you can too -- I just typed "Pershing Auditorium" into my Yahoo search bar and got connected to them right away. Good luck! --Julie

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Julie, thanks...I'm kind of in this mixed bag of things going on, and trying to figure the logistics of getting to one of the shows.

As there are no West Coast shows with Eric (just Todd in San Francisco) I would obviously have to go elsewhere.

Fortunately, I work for an airline, so getting to the venue would normally not be a problem -- except this is summer. So I've got to figure out the combinations of flights vs. when the shows are.

Denver WOULD have been best. But not likely to get July 4th off. Which is why I'm going for the Nebraska thing...if it's available.

Anyway, please keep me posted for details.

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