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Backup singers?


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I think I read somewhere on this message board that there will be some additional musicians/sidemen being utilized to fill out the sound on Friday. There were also a few posts regarding the challenges regarding ìhitting the high notesî after all these years. Has anyone heard if there are going to be any backup/chick singers?

If bands famous for their vocals like The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac were comfortable using some additional singers, I wonder if The Raspberries are enlisting the aid of a few more vocal cords.

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Bill, correct. Jennifer Lee is singing along with myself and Billy Sullivan. Also, for all the message boarders going to the show and are going to be at the meet and greet, please come up and introduce yourself once you've met with the 'Berries and taken your picture. I'm very interested in meeting all of you and putting a face with the name. You are part of why we are all here and you need to be thanked as well.

One week! Can you believe it?!

Paul laugh

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