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My comments to the over-reaction/assumption of some

Don H

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Betsey...nothing wrong with a brother helping Eric out in his time of need. Helping fix things so he doesn't have to deal with the consequences of what he's done...well, THAT would be a problem.

Frankly, I don't have any special connections and neither do many other people. If they did what Eric's done, they'd be up shit creek with no one to pull any special strings for them. And that's the problem. Those with connections don't always have to suffer the consequences of their misbehavior. Others without the same connections get slammed.

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I can see why Bernie isn't reading these threads.

The debate goes on ad nauseum as if what is said will have any bearing on the situation. It won't.

It's great that people are passionate about Eric, his music and Raspberries. EC.com was created around passion for the music and the guys. That's why it's worlds above other sites.

It was designed to celebrate all things Eric Carmen and Raspberries and not tear them to shreds. Differing opinions on the music and even the musicians is one thing. So are occasional flare-ups and arguments, because we became a close-knit community.

Angry comments and disrespect debase the website and all of us as well. Some comments have exceeded disrespect and been hurtful and/or obnoxious.

A long time ago I said it would be interesting if each of us had a website where our work and every aspect of our being, including personal and physical attributes were discussed with no holds barred. Most of us couldn't take reading what people wrote about us, but that's what Eric, Dave, Wally and Jim and their families have endured and even embraced. They've also embraced us as fans.

Everyone's opinion is what makes a horse race. But let's each choose a less-than-shining moment in each of our lives and invite the whole world to discuss it on our personal website. We wouldn't stand up very well to the scrutiny. Nor would we like a whole group of people to talk about it while we're in the room like we're not there. I know we couldn't take it very well because board members have complained to high heaven over a little comment from another board member!

While we're busy declaring ourselves fans, it would be good to remember that true fans show support, true families defend its members and true friends accept each other, foibles and all.

smile --Darlene

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