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Think you know your Eric Trivia?


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OK everyone, with all the recent posts on Eric Carmen and the similarities to Burton Cummings - I thought I'd post this little test. Who said the following? Eric or Burton Cummings? When I read this, I was amazed at how similar their two careers have been....

"We were all very young boys with naïve dreams. In January 196*, just after my 18th birthday, I became a member of the ****, and from then on, business became a part of my music world. Immediately there were business meetings, lawyers, salaries and other things having nothing to do with art… in the **** (name of group), it had always been ‘learn the songs, play the gigs, split the money, eat the burgers, dream the dreams…â€

So, in many ways, when I left the **** (name of group), the golden times were already over… don’t misread these words… I always dreamed of and coveted gold records and travel and peer acceptance… wanted to know what it would feel like to hear my voice on the radio… wondered about the Brass ring… by the time I got all that I was a very beaten up, disillustioned, road weary 21 year old… never was drawn to the business side, always did my best to avoid it… ducked every meeting I could, tried to counsel the sharpest minds available to ‘oversee my affairs’ and pay them handsomely to do so… that way I could keep my mind separate from and uncontaminated by the business world and all it’s bitter tasting stress."

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For anyone interested...

Burton is planning on releasing an ALBUM of ALL NEW material he's written in the past few years. The tentative title is "Double Nickel" (because it was supposed to be recorded and released the year he was 55). The release date is set for Early 2008. He turns 60 (can you believe it?) on December 31st of this year, so he's taken a few years to get around to recording these songs.

(One of the songs is titled "The Pissed-off song" - how can you not love it?) wink

Maybe this will persuade Eric to consider doing the same. We'd all love to hear an album of new material!

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