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ABM TV Performance on YouTube


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Thank heavens for all the wonderful technology that enables us to catch up on all that we've missed!

The video wasn't playing for long before my cat became too intrigued with Eric's hands moving over the piano --sure enough he puts his face right on the screen. This was one time I did not appreciate his curiousity!

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Special mega thanks !! spinhappy

Hi, Angloberry ~ I don’t remember seeing this one when it was on! Not sure wot I would have been doing, probably homework or something! Eric was on TOTP twice, and it was the other one that hooked me. It was a full face close up, with a light shining behind him, lighting up the outer edge of his hair. I remember being transfixed thinking how gorgeous he was and “so this is who sings that nice songâ€. Sometimes my sister used to sing along to some songs, and I was willing her not to sing over it, otherwise I wouldn’t enjoy it properly.

I remember sitting next to my friend Mary Scales at school the next day and saying, “Did you see Top of the Pops?! Did you see that singer singing All By Myself with the light shining behind him? Wasn’t he GORGEOUS !â€

Happy days.

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