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A few pictures from the show...


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Kathy and I are home. And yes, "Needles and Pins" was UN-FRIGGING-BELIEVABLE! I was humming it all night. Watching Wally and Eric sing anything together is such fun, and "Needles And Pins" was a terrific choice. The boys (and Jennifer) played it with full-out Mersey-beat style. It was GREAT! As was everything else on New Year's Eve.

As hard as it is to believe, they were actually BETTER last night than on November 26th. I know, I know—how would that be possible? I don't know myself, but it *was* better. The band was both tighter and looser, which made it all come together in an amazing way.

The harmonies are so incredibly glorious that the band could seemingly do no wrong. I stopped wondering if they could do it again and started thinking they could do anything. And you know what? They can.

Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim made magic last night. For those of you who think seeing them once was enough, I got news for you—you ain't even close!

On to Chicago! See you there!


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Hey Gene!!

We loved seeing you doing your thang last night and look forward to more shots.

I have one correction for you: the caption that says "Everybody "Go All the Way" was not GATW but "I'm a Rocker" - how do I know, you ask?

Because I'm still in the picture - Trindy (to my left in the picture 3 people back from center stage ) almost passed out from the heat (and lack of H20 - NO alcohol - the HOB totally forgot all about us in the pit all during the pre-show and Raspberries) and we did a quick exit during Rocker. We saw GATW from the side!!!!!


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Bernie is right, the show got better somehow. It was a very exciting night to say the least, Jimmy and I had a blast. Every time I go to Cleveland good things happen to me. ;-)) The smile is still on my face and I can't stop giggling and I don't want to either. I can't make Chicago so when is the next show?

If you haven't see a show yet, why not, you deserve it.

Thank you Eric, Jim, Wally and Dave, You guys were awesome last night. Don’t stop now please, we’re on a roll!

June laughlaughlaugh

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It was great to meet you last night, Beachberry - I ws standing next to Marlene and Trindy was on my left.

It was definitely the right idea to wear layers and peel as needed. Standing from 7 to 12:30 was tough and not wanting to move to get a drink (of water, even) was a factor. Trindy's perfectly fine - recovered nicely but had a patron of mine come up to MY bar asking for water and a towel with ice FAST, telling you that someone was fainting, I would have followed up on it myself. No one at HOB reacted, except to give me what I asked for. I think they assumed it was alcohol related, instead of heat.

I loved the energy in the mosh pit - we danced with pure happiness. I heard there were a few "dead zones" up in the VIP area (certainly not where Bernie, ken and Kathy and June and Jim were!!!)


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