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Problem with the board? Or just me?


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Is the board having some problem today?? When I got on here to check to reactions from my morning post, I couldn't get on. Then, when I finally did get on, my posts were nowhere to be found! Kinda bummed.....lol

Anyway, I made an announcement! I officially became engaged Saturday evening and I'm so excited I could just split wide open! Had to put weights in my shoes today just to walk!

Hey! I'm 44 and I've NEVER been married, never lived with a guy or had kids! I have been blessed with the most wonderful man (and he loves the Berries too) and just wanted to share my joy with all of you!

So, even though I don't get to go to the concert of the century, I'm still very excited and have never been happier!


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Thanks so much everyone! I'm touched and yes, it has been a grand year! Darlene was sooooo right about everything!

pssst.....Tony--I know all about the graves in his backyard. He told me all about them, but so far, the folks are merely listed as missing with the local authorities........shhhhhhhh.......

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