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Japan Reissues EC/Raspberries Catalog!

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Japanese song title of ECSTACY is "KIMINI KUBITTAKE"."TAKE" in Japanese sometimes means a kind of mushroom! That's why this translation is very funny!!!

*"tomorrow will live" - "I WANNA BE WITH YOU.

"no touch etc in love"-"NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE AGAIN"

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Amazon.com lists them as a pre-order and available on May 3rd. EC are running about $30 each and the Raspberries are running about $35 to $40. Here is the link for Raspberries S/T


Thanks so much! I was wondering where I could go to order...is this the best place, or is there a way to order them through raspberriesonline.com? smile
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Paper jackets on Japanese CD releases are exact miniature duplicates of the original vinyl LP covers—front, back, even spine—and many of them include inserts, miniature lyric sheets, etc.

I, like all of the others, wonder if Starting Over might include the poster, or whether Boats will be a mini-gatefold, etc.

The British releases a couple of years ago don't hold a candle to the quality of the Japanese releases. First of the all, the British CDs had typos that should have been easily avoided.

I'll post more info as soon as I have it!


Thanks Bernie! smile
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I just received my CDs and wanted to report that they are MAGNIFICENT!!! Everyone should buy them as they are AMAZING! The care and love both Japanese labels have poured into these treasures is just MIND-BLOWING.

• Yes, the first Raspberries album has a mini scratch 'n' sniff sticker -- you can even stick it on the cover!

• Yes, STARTING OVER includes the poster!

• Yes, SIDE 3 has both the die-cut cover along with the gatefold. It even has the printed LP sleeve!

And the Arista albums get the same TREMENDOUS treatment!

• Eric's first album cover is printed with metallic copper ink. The insert with lyrics is included.

• BOATS is a gatefold!

• CHANGE OF HEART and TONIGHT YOU'RE MINE feature mini replicas of the inner sleeves.

Folks, these are beautiful. BEAUTIFUL!!! I guess I should listen to them now :-)


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I just got mine. Haven't listened to them but I cannot find any mention of new remastering anywhere in the credits. I remember buying the Springsteen Japanese "remasters" a few years ago and it turned out that the only thing remastered on them were the covers. I sure hope the Raspberries CDs sound better. I'll let you know...

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