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don't wanna say goodbye


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Already some people I told last Saturday that my country Holland loves most of all the song Don't wanna say goodbye. Every year since 1999, the year which was the first All Time Top 2000 broadcasted, the Dutch Radio 2 listners vote that song in their All time favorite list. Top 2000 is a yearly program on Radio 2, the last six days of the year. They count of till the new year starts. This year there were 6,5 million listners to the Radio show and there were over 9,2 million pageviews of the site. Mention the Netherlands has a total population between 15 and 16 million people, you see how populair this show is. So almost every second Dutchman knows the song although it never made the Top 40! What do you think of that?

Place 1429) Raspberries - Don't wanna say goodbye (1972)

1999: 1306

2000: 771

2001: 1645

2002: 986

2003: 1158

2004: 1429

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That's pretty remarkable for a song that was released in 1972 and never got a lot of airplay in the United States. Makes you think radio stations here kind of missed an opportunity, eh?

After hearing the guys do that song in concert Saturday, it has become one of my favorites, too.

Take Care,


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Wim - it was so nice to meet you. Hope we get to visit more the next time. smile This makes me even happier about your trip. The band absolutely nailed that song and it was a moment that people got to see part of what makes the 'Berries such a great band....can't even do justice to Eric and Wally's vocal chemistry on it, not to mention the musicianship.

Do hope to see you again soon...and am delighted your trip was such a fantastic one.

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Wim, I hope to see you at the next concert! You have made so many Raspberries fans so happy! I know of another fan from your country: Patrick Beckers. Greetings to you both in Holland! It's so wonderful to know how much the music is loved there! It sounds like you brought a warm, loving and wonderful dimension to the Chicago concert!

smile --Darlene

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All I can say is, anyone who would even consider allowing this song to drop from the set list should be hanged, drawn and quartered...

Oh, and when they played it after reading the e-mail from Captain Hilton in Iraq it seemed all the more meaningful...especially the second verse...I cannot think of better words to describe the loneliness of the soldier far away from home, in harm's way, wondering if anyone back in the rest of the world can possibly understand how he feels. No wonder Captain Tim has made a lifeline out of this music.

And Wim...gee, it would have been nice to meet you in Chicago too...maybe some other day?

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Next Sunday on Dutch Radio 2, they'll be playing "Don't wanna say goodbye" again, see the playlist:


sunday 13-3-2005 (1968 & 1978)

14:00 - 15:00 (08:00 AM-09:00 AM in NYC)

01 Unchained melody - David Garrick

02 Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

03 It's only a matter of time- Breeze

04 Love is blue - Paul Mauriat

05 Another morning - Moody Blues

06 Forever afternoon (Tuesday)/Time to get away - Moody Blues

07 Big city - Tol Hansse

08 I wish it would rain - Temptations

3nahalf3 - ingezonden door Richard Rombouts uit Wassenaar

09 Mouldy old dough - Lt. Pigeon

10 Baby I'm a want you - Bread

11 Bread and butter - Newbeats

12 Words - Bee Gees

13 We'll never have to say goodbye again - England Dan & John Ford Coley

14 Fire brigade - The Move

15 The night the lights went out in New York City - Trammps

16 If I were a carpenter - Four Tops

15:00 - 16:00 (09:00 AM-10:00 AM in NYC)

01 City to city - Gerry Rafferty

02 Step inside love- Cilla Black

03 Am I that easy to forget - Engelbert Humperdinck

04 Wuthering heights - Kate Bush

05 Green tambourine - Lemon Pipers

06 Match talk men and match talk dogs- Brian & Michael

07 Guitar man - Elvis Presley

08 Thank you for being a friend - Andrew Gold

3 na half 4 - ingezonden door Wim Vriezen uit Doetinchem

09 Don't wanna say goodbye - Raspberries

10 Incense and peppermints - Strawberry Alarm Clock

11 Jelly jungle - Lemon Pipers

12 What a wonderful world -Art Garfunkel & James Taylor

13 No money for the roses - Shoes

14 Keuze luisteraar - steenen.tijdperk@avro.nl

15 Denis - Blondie

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Wim what an incredibly interesting playlist. The Moody Blues, Bread, the Move, the Tramps and Engelbert in the same playlist? Woah! The fact that the band Venice is immensely popular in the Netherlands gave me an inkling that the audiences there had keen tastes, but this playlist proves it beyond a doubt.


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Well Craig just follow the link next Sunday 08.00 AM (NYC time): www.radio2.nl

I'll try to put another Raspberries song into the playlist of my own oldiesshow on RTLFM.

Let you all know if it's gonna work out, here's the link of Stenders RobDossier, a weekly oldies show (Dutch Top 40 from 1965-1990:

www.rtlfm.nl (every saturday from 06.00 PM to 09.00 PM, NYC time)

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Hi Marvin, 'bout Venice: A few months ago they won a prize by a Dutch radio station for the Best Radio Rock Song of the last five years: For the song Think again from their Welcome to the rest of your life album.

A few years ago they also released a Dutch only unplugged album for their many, many Dutch fans.

Maybe you're right and are we (the Dutch audience) a special kind of music lovers. Another example: that "rare" song Jeff Harris mentioned some time ago: Maybe tomorrow by the Iveys (the pré-Badfinger group) was a Dutch Top 20 hit in 1969.

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Wim Venice's story is very puzzling and interesting. Here is a band from California (Venice), that is virtually uknown by the music-listening audience in the U.S. and Canada including other Californians, yet thousands of miles away on the other side of the world, they are superstars who sell out concerts months in advance. I've had to order the last three Venice discs from a contact in Netherlands because they've been difficult to find in North America. I've been singing their praises for years and have convinced some people about their incredible vocal abilites, but still the word is spreading much too slowly for a band this talented.


p.s. How do I get a copy of their unplugged album?

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Marvin, I'll bring you a copy of the unplugged album, because I'm sure to see you in NYC this summer. About their last album Pacific standard time: they have a brilliant new single out called: Everybody's opium, it's getting a lot of airplay and their album sells very well over here.

The last album is more in the Crowded House way, superb vocals and the band also rocks in a fine way.

By the way: I'll tell you a strange story: On summer vacation a few years ago we drove through Bretagne, on the west side of France, we passed a small village called Lennon (as a Venice fan you know that is their family name). I took a picture of the village from a small mountain and went back into my car, I turned the radio on and guess the song they were playing on M FM?? It was Woman by John Lennon. I looked at my wife and she smiled to me in a way: You and your love to music did it again. It gave me such a thrill that wonderful moment, I think you'll understand.

And Sally G? Did Paul McCartney write that song (Sally G) especially for you?

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