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Hi forum members,

my real name is Peter, not Greg Kihn as someone cautiously asked me ! I am a big Eric Carmen and Raspberries fan. I am also sticking up for the Greg Kihn band, as this was my first power-pop love (hey I am an 80's guy). Eric Carmen was even compared to Greg Kihn in 1980-1!

I am wanting someone to stick up for a rare Greg Kihn song, talk about shaking his hand, or recollections of a radio station that played his album tracks late at night.

I am just curious if anyone has heard the classic albums "Next of Kihn" or especially "Greg Kihn again" (great power pop and vocals - a perfect album I played 1000 times). Does anybody think they had a bit of talent early in the day? (1976-81, lets say). Did his great cover of Bruce Springsteens

"For you" ever make it to your radar? What about the minor hit "Remember" with great 12-string sound? While Greg had imperfections and limitations, and is not musically active anymore, he also had a knack for effective musical economy and entertaining - and it was the band behind him that was the secret weapon. A little band that could, almost did.

I need another viewpoint. Not so great? Do I have a questionable taste in pop music? I know Eric Carmen has an unquestionable talent, no discussion needed (!) so I figure I could take the liberty of asking some older experienced members on their opinion of a lesser-known rocker.

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Ok Tony, I'll change my name to Terry Jacks or an innocuous forum name. I don't want to upset any apple carts, and I wouldn't want Greg himself angry. However I doubt he would lose sleep about it: maybe there are a few other people with the same name out there on this planet...!

Greg had 2 and a half hits - plus a slew of top 200 songs and albums which are deserving a better power-pop appraisal. But he belongs to the cut-down the guy for the one hit without having heard the better stuff syndrome. Boats against the current...this ain't 1977 and they don't write em like that anymore.

Thanks Marvin, my search produced no results.

Play on Raspberries!

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I'll be changing my name soon, hold tight...!

I have supported American artists over the years, so you won't find me touching those cross border-jibes. I can identify with a Turk or Bulgarian almost as much as a fellow countrymen.

I actually saw the classic video for Jeopardy on tv a few days ago, after waiting 20 years. It was a glory moment for Greg Kihn, I would say a bit of distance should hopefully redeem the song for the great party tune that it is. Yet after going to number 2 with that song, the lead-off single off the next album Reunited (from Kihntagious) died a paltry 101. Do we see any Raspberries similarities in all this? Still, the early albums had more of the real classic vintage sound. Unfortunately Greg thrashed his voice (which even still sometimes sounds interesting) and its easy to dismiss him - his output ranges from awful to really good. The early Beserkeley recordings are deserving a better appraisal though.

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Hi Peter,

Just read your first post. I am still in a band that shared a label with Greg from the late 70s. Before I was involved with these guys, I thought that Greg put out some BRILLIANT albums with his original band. "Next of.." and "..Again" are still two favourites, especially his jangly version of "For You". He's still a great rocker, though I haven't spoken to him in years. I'm good friends with his former drummer Larry Lynch. Thanks for posting!

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I am lucky I decided to do one last peek at my thread before going into hibernation for the next while!

And if this isn't a fake name like myself (!) then this must be THE Al Chan from the Rubinoos!

What a treat! And to the naysayers who dismiss the Greg Kihn band for "Jeopardy" to have a music expert redeem their early stuff!

Indeed, I just wanted to get someone to mention "Next of Kihn" and especially "Greg Kihn again". They harken to a great late 70s underrated power-pop sound. Surprisingly I have yet to see a dissection of those albums online, yet both albums are for me perfect (taken for what they are!)

I have to admit, I am a music fanatic, and am primarily classical trained. I have 4 diplomas in classical guitar (Cologne and Vancouver), yet have a background on cello, trumpet, choir. I discovered powerpop as a teen in the late 80's, and have heard 1000s of albums.

Please say hi to Larry Lynch from a fan in Vancouver B.C - I sent him an email once and was very pleased to get a response. I was a big fan of his drum sound, his musicianship - and plus it's obvious he is a really nice family man guy.

Please Al if you read this, I know this an open forum - but then again we are a small enthusiastic bunch so can you answer very quickly, even for a vague inside opinion..!

1) John Doukas from Earthquake. Where is he hiding?

2) Steve Wright. Making progress from his stroke?

Best wishes and hope you are doing well.

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Peter --

Just so someone takes your side, I too am a big fan of Greg Kihn's early Beserkley albums. I just finished making a CD for a friend of the choice tracks from "Next of Kihn" and "With the Naked Eye." Really good stuff. I think my favorites are "Sorry" and "Everybody Else."

I saw The Greg Kihn Band live in the early 80s and enjoyed them thoroughly. Oddly, I was given to understand lately that Greg has taken on some rather right-wing tendancies...can't recall where I read that, but it doesn't interfere with my enjoyment of his music.

Now on to Al Chan...it's great to see you here, Al! I'm a longtime fan of The Rubinoos as well, and also saw them live about the same time as the Greg Kihn Band in Cleveland. Can't even recall the venue for sure, but besides it being a great show musically, I also remember it being a bit of a mismatch with the other band on the bill (again, I can't recall who it was).

What I remember, Al, is a couple of mooks in the front row jumping up and down and giving you guys the finger as you played. I suppose you ran into similar reactions all over from idiots who just didn't get it, but do you remember that?

I love so many Rubinoos songs, but there's a special place in my heart for "As Long As I'm With You," the B-side of the "I Think We're Alone Now" single. An absolutely perfect summer song, and to my knowledge, it's never been on an LP. A true gem.

Thanks, Al, to you and rest of the guys for so much great music!

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Well Darlene, from as far back as I can remember, music has been my lifeline. This might sound a little extreme to some, but it's the only explanation I can give. When the Internet came to be and there was actually a way to contact people like Wally Bryson, Dave Smalley, Greg Kihn, Mark Lennon, Scott McCarl etc., I just HAD to let these musicians know what an integral part they have played (and continue to play) in my existence. They have brought me immense joy, they have taught me to love, they have given me a reward I could never repay. In the words of Springsteen, "I learned more from a 2 minute record than I ever learned in school." For this, I will always be grateful and if there

is a way to let them know what they've meant to me, I will seek it out.


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I agree with Marvin. Hard to shake the formative influence of music - and we appreciate it even more as we get older.

Great that MikeM mentioned the early Greg Kihn band albums. Some tracks on Naked eye (which I heard yesterday while jogging) are bullseye "Beside myself" "Another lonely saturday night". Stands the test of time!

"Everybody else" is an evident favourite. I love "Understander" and "Remember". Every song on the "Greg Kihn again" album gives me the chills. His first album also is pretty good. Doesn't sound like Jeopardy..

I think if I kihntinue the subject much further, I will be castigated. I encourage lovers of good pop music to check out the Beserkeley label.

I remain really curious about the lead singer of the band "Earthquake". Did he go back to University? Works in a music store behind the counter? Runs his own record label?

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