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Happy Birthday Eric!

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Happy Birthday to a fellow "Little Rascals" fan. If you remember the episode with Darla's dad..I hope your b-day turns out better than his.

I hope your birthday is filled with happiness and love. Thank you for sharing your musical talent with us. The NY show was awesome and looking forward to the Atlantic City show in Sept.


Suffolk, VA

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Eric, Happy Birthday and many thanks to you.

Way back in '72 I was in college in Cedar Rapids, IA, and heard "Go All the Way" for the first time on the local AM "all hits" station. I freaked. This was essentially what I had been looking for a band to do for the past 2 years -- seamlessly blend influences of Beatles, Who, Beach Boys, and those other melodic bands of the 60's into a musical statement that was fresh and original. I drove most of my friends crazy punching GATW up on the juke box at the local watering hole. They didn't quite understand.

I moved back to St. Louis in '74, got re-acquainted with old buddies from high school, and sang the praises of the Raspberries. Occasionally we would meet, get out the guitars, and I'd play riffs from GATW and "I Wanna Be With You" and they'd look at me as if I had just stepped out of a spaceship. They didn't quite understand.

In '76 I saw you at the Ambassador Theater on a bill with Sweet. It was the most polished, yet energetic performance I had ever seen from anyone - not Sweet, but the Eric Carmen Band. Almost felt sorry for the English band, having to follow that example. Told my friends about the concert and how great you were, and even tried to get up a party to come down to Six Flags to see you later on that year, but...they still didn't quite understand. (But I came to see you regardless, and still kick myself in the butt for missing the Dirty Dancing tour at 6 Flags years later.)

It's the 21st Century, and I've long since given up on seeing the Raspberries perform live, when lo and behold, rumbles begin to emerge about members getting back together for various projects. I hear belatedly of the Hall of Fame concert. And then...2004, and I hear of the HOB opening in Cleveland, then the New Year's Eve show, and I knew I had to come to Chicago to see the Raspberries on Jan. 15.

Jan. 15 -- all the years melted away. I had come back to that same experience of the early 70's, hearing the hits with new ears, seeing the most perfect ROCK AND ROLL BAND (notice, no "power pop", no "oldies revival" labels) I HAD EVER SEEN on stage and enjoying playing as much as the audience was enjoying listening -- perfect symbiosis. I felt it couldn't get any better AND I was in the company of people who UNDERSTOOD COMPLETELY what it was all about.

And the remarkable thing was that on July 23rd and 24th in New York the experience was not only duplicated, but made even richer by getting to know still more people touched by your music. And incidently, Sunday, July 24th will go down as the best performance I've ever seen from any group, period.

I truly hope you can simply reap a fraction of the happiness you, Wally, Dave, and Jim have given me and hundreds of other fans in the past year -- because you have given us so much, both in the past 12 months and in your recorded and performance legacy over the years. Thank You, the rest of the Berries and the Overdubs, and everyone associated with the advancement of your music.

My apologies for the longwindedness. And once again, A Very Happy Birthday wish to you and your family on the 11th. Enjoy life.

John Roppolo

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Happy Birthday Eric!

Your music has meant so much to me over the years... I was hooked from the first time I heard "Let's Pretend" in 1972 at the tender age of 7!! A lifelong dream came true for me on July 23rd in NYC - I got to see my first Raspberries concert! (and I got to shake hands with you in Lucille's!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. The show was beyond anything I could have imagined - I still get goosebumps when I think about it! And can I just say that you look and sound absolutely amazing!! I can't wait for Atlantic City.

Ah, Life is Good!! Wishing you all the best for the future and lots of love from Boston!

Margaret Hall

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"There are no second acts in American lives."

--F. Scott Fitzgerald

Well, Eric, you certainly proved your old literary hero absolutely wrong. Because your second act began post-Raspberries with your magnificent solo work--and after that, you somehow called up the energy to re-invent yourself in the '80s, and once more in the '90s.

And now, all of us are in awe by how you've done it again--this time rocking like a 20-year old in the new millennium.

Thank you Eric Carmen, for being in this world. You're a national treasure, and we take such joy in your artistry. Happy birthday.

Love and light,

--Larry Lange

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I've spent 33 years listening to your voice, loving your songs and admiring your growth as a person. You are the definition of the word "cool."

So now the youngest Berry hits the age of 56, and all the Berries share the same age and the same stage. You all are musical brothers born of different parents brought together by love.

Thanks for sharing the dream that is Raspberries with the world once again.

My son and I wish you a very "Happy Birthday!"

Don and Eric Krider

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Dearest Eric,

Well, where do I start? How do I explain how much your music has meant to me?

Every year on my Birthday I always wished for the same thing...."please, please let the Raspberries get back together...(or at least let me be able to meet Eric someday)!!!"

I had been dreaming and wishing for that since high school. Well, who woulda thought!!!! Thanks for making my wish come true, I hope all yours have come true as well.

All the best and have a wonderful Birthday!!!

Your fan forever....Paula

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I don't know who's having a better year--you or me! I met my soul mate, married him, had some of your music played at our reception, went on an awesome honeymoon, moved 165 miles, got a great job and the Raspberries got back together!

Anyway, thank you for putting the cherry on my sundae!

Many, many more happy birthdays to you!

--Julie (still on a farm in Iowa--just a different one!)

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Happy B-day to the Jack-Of-All-Music Trades Master! From romantic crooner to hard-rocking front man...You can ace them all! But we all know it's your songs that touch us most deeply and make you immortal...So keep sharing and keep creating...For the next Raspberries or solo CD...And the kids are going to need some co-writes on their debut CDs as well.


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The Happiest of Birthday to you Eric. You have lots to smile about these days as I do. I've had a blast at the Raspberries concerts I've had a chance to get to. I really hope you are enjoying them as much as I am.

I'm so glad that you have such a loving family, your health, this Raspberries this happening, and so many fans who can say such nice things about you and your music. What a wonderful gift.

Enjoy your Birthday Eric,

Love and Peace

June & Jim smile

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Hi Eric, it’s great to see you once again,

Stepping from behind the shadows just feels go right, we’ve been blown away and blinded by your light.

It’s been like a rock n’ roll echo from the past,

with anticipation of building new long-lasting memories, we live by the light you cast.

Arthur, Clifford and Dragon Tales are pretty cool, but those kids are back to school.

So, now that you’ve sharpened your sword,

Please, please get back to the studio and record.

We can’t wait to see you twist and shout again,

thank you for sharing your musical genius.

Happy Birthday !

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Eric, did you get my present?


It didn't get there?

I can't believe it!

It must have gotten lost in the mail!

Jeez, that sucks.

You woulda loved it.

Nice wrapping job too.

What a waste. Darn it!!

Oh well, it looks like I'll just have to give you the same thing I gave you last year....one big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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