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Make me an offer - 4 GA TIX for NYE


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Well it's down to the wire. I have 4 GA tickets and I am open to ANY offer at this late date.

I gambled the concert would sell out and I would be able to help out someone less fortunate - which has turned out to be me ($332 worth of ouch frown ).

I'll take just about anything at this point, even an unreasonable offer.

call or write

352-303-4194 (cell) - best bet

352-243-9377 (home) - 2nd choice


Operators are standing by.... happy

See y'all in Cleveland

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Well I'll leave that to you -- pick A or B

A - Because it finally occured to us that the Raspberries suck, and we cannot take listening to one more Raspberries/EC song ---- OR

B - Much to our great, great sadness, we cannot attend the show for one reason or another, or we just got so excited, and bought too many tickets !!!

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Many people bought extra tickets for the first concert in order to help others in case of a quick sellout, which is exactly what happened. I'm sure a lot of people did the same this time. It only means that a lot of people on the board who would have been shut out will get to go. I only wish I were one of them...


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I wouldn't be surprised if there was demand at the door. If you're going to the show and have extra tickets, before "giving them away", hang out by the box office prior to the show and wait for the walk up traffic. A lot of people make last minute decisions to go out on New Years Eve...I just wouldn't be surprised if this sells out yet.

If you have tickets and live out of town and can't go...I would overnight them to a "trusted" EC.com'er and agree to split the proceeds if they sell the tickets.

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