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Odds and ends postings about the show


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There are a couple of guys here in the area

that have great websites that most locals

here check for fests/concert info.One just

posts a one page listing of upcoming concerts.

I asked him if he could add the show to the list

and he did! That was listed about 2 weeks ago.

Also, a very popular guy here known as the

DanZman posted info about the show on his website.

I talked to him a couple of months ago about the reunion and he said if they play here to let him know he would post info. Just this week he added it to " this weeks events page". Most people here

depend on his listings for upcoming concerts info.

He did also mention The Drysdales and info about

tickets and link to Raspberries website.

Also, there is a local band Jamestown Massacre

that sent out a blurb to everyone on their

email list. Way to go guys!

I talked to a few musicians from local bands

here that I thought would be interested in going

to the show. Should be fun!!


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