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Just wondering what concerts everyone has seen. I for one have never seen the Raspberries (or Eric Carmen solos for that matter) being a 2nd or 3rd generation fan never owned there albums till I bought there Japanese CD imports around 10 years ago (nice timing for them to tour now so I had some years to become familliar with there songs) and were totally blown away by their performance. They were definitely my favorite concert experiance. The following are all the concerts I have seen:

Genesis 1984

Police 1984

Rush 1984

Blue Oyster Cult 1984

Jethro Tull 1984

Chicago 1984

Triumph 1984

Deep Purple 1985

The Firm 1985

Phil Collins 1985

Robert Plant 1985

Foreigner 1985

ZZ Top 1986

Rush 1986

Genesis 1986

Peter Gabriel 1986

Pink Floyd 1987

Mike & the Mechanics 1989

The Cure 1989

Phil Collins 1990

Violent Femmes 1991

Peter Gabriel 1993

The Eagles 1994

Billy Joel 1994

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant 1995

Styx & Pat Benatar 1997

Elton John 1998

Kiss 1998

Heart Reo Speedwagon Styx 2003

Steve Hackett 2003

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Hard to get the years but here is the list of artists.....(1973-present)

Beach Boys, America, Bob Seger, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Sammy Hagar, Styx, The Cars, Kansas, Journey, Kiss, Eagles, Doobie Bros., Fleetwood Mac, Gary Wright, Earth Wind & Fire, Chicago, Jefferson Starship, Tower of Power, Ray Charles, J. Geils, George Thorogood, New Order, Debbie Gibson, Billy Joel, Olivia Newton-John, Frank Sinatra, Ramsey Lewis, Van Dyke Parks, Ramones, Tom Tom Club, Debbie Harry, Brian Wilson(solo), Carl Wilson(solo), Dick Dale, Greg Kihn, Rubinoos, Cheap Trick, Robert Merrill,

Avril Levigne, Destiny's Child, Earthquake, The Squares(featuring Joe Satriani), Santana, Fenix TX, Genesis, Heart, Robert Palmer, X-Girl, Shonen Knife, Missing Persons, Wings, Monaco(Peter Hook of New Order), Kansas, Boston, Runaways, Los Lonely Boys, Simple Plan,Nick Gilder, Dirty Dozen, Liz Phair, Eric Clapton, Yes, Donovan, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Steppenwolf, Dolly Parton.......I think I've got them all.

But still, there are some that I've wanted to see but somehow haven't been able to go.....namely Pink Floyd.

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In the '70s, we went everywhere and saw a lot of live performances. Among the most memorable were Eagles, America, Harry Chapin, Elton John, Moody Blues and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Also Kiss, but that crowd was on the edge of violent, and I don't like to remember it. (Someone shot a gun and we all dived under our seats!) Of course, Raspberries quite a few times and Eric (ditto) were my absolute favorites. I was crazy about Led Zep and Raspberries--both bands to me were the epitome of the kind of talent that just blew me away!

smile --Darlene

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Wannaman, do you mean the REAL original Journey?(Pre-Steve Perry, Gregg Rolie on Keyboards, and Aynsely Dunbar on drums). Or, the lineup with not the new singer.

Rolie still sang from time to time, and his low voice was a good contrast/compliment to Perry's. "Same Way" is a good example. Rolie was also keyboards/lead singer with Santana on "Oye Como Va" and "Evil Ways".

Somehow, I never got to see Van Halen, Tom Petty, James Brown, or Aerosmith....but would like to see them. Oh, yes, the Moody Blues, and Neil Diamond, too.

Darlene, the only violent episode I've had to deal with at a concert, was a fight breaking out in the section I was sitting in. This was at the Cambodian Relief concert, right in the middle of the Starship set in a multi-act show. Needless to say, we headed out the door, and ended up having to miss the Grateful Dead.(Not a Deadhead by any means, but curious to see what the deal was all about....)

At the ELP show, did you see the one where they had the orchestra? I bought tickets for the "Works" tour......they had an orchestra on the East Coast dates, but it got too expensive, and later on in the tour, it was just the three guys and no string players. Still was excellent, though!!

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Recent memorable concerts I've attended:

The Raspberries!!!

Linkin Park, Korn, and Snoop Dogg (How's THAT for a dad sacrificing his eardrums for his kids?)

The Who


B 52's

Paul Rodgers




The Grass Roots

Bands I haven't seen but I'd like to:

Van Halen (only with Daid Lee Roth)

Eric Carmen (solo)

The Guess Who

Speaking of the Guess Who...looks like they are coming to Altoona in April but does anyone know if that's with Burton Cummings? Are they worth seeing without him? Badfinger, along with 3 other bands, will be performing at the same concert.


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Oh, down memory lane we go!!

I am incredibly impressed if you remember the years!! You're just like my husband.

Here she goes:

T-Rex, Ted Nugent, Rex Smith (it was supposed to be Lynard Skynard but they died the night before!) Billy Joel, styx, Boston, Chicago, The Babys, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Raspberries (NEVER thought I'd say that) Ringo's All Starr Band, Dirty Dancing Tour, Jackson Browne, Barry Manilow, John Denver, Richard Clayderman, Def Leppard, Van Halen (the WORST concert I ever saw) Monkees (sans Nesmith), Frankie Valli and the four seasons, Asia, Yes, Jimmy Buffett, Greenday, Cherish The Ladies (GREAT Irish girls group) Elton John w/Billy Joel, The Pretenders, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Neil Diamond, Marshall Tucker, Graham Parker, Eric Johnson, Chuck Mangione, Commander Cody and his Lost Airmen, Harry Connick, Jr, Heart, Afro Celt Sound System ,American Idol,CSN,Moody Blues,Joan Jett, Pat Benatar at Catch a Rising Star in NYC singing ballads!!!, Zebra.(a long Island band - had one album out)

The first concert we took our kids to was Stevie Nicks in hartford CT (my hubby Peter is in lust and love with Stevie - our daughter's middle name is Rhiannon) the couple in front of us were smoking pot like crazy and my son (13 at the time) wanted us to call the police because it is illegal. I leaned forward and asked them to stop because there were two young kids directly behind them (they weren't sitting in their seats either - they had moved forward to a row of empty seats in front of us).

The woman leans all the way forward and just inhales the rest of the joint as fast as she can. She moved several rows forward and smoked all through the concert without her boyfriend!

But - my 10 year old daughter says to me "how do you know she is smoking pot, MOM?"

My quick answer:

"Because I've been to lots of concerts before and I know that's what it smells like."

SAVED!!! laugh


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Great topic! It's fun to try to remember, and I'm sure I'll forget a few, but here goes, in roughly chronological order (starting in 1974):

Edgar Winter Group w/James Gang (post-Walsh)

Aerosmith w/Ted Nugent (ow! my ears!)

Rush (many times)

The Association

Bob Seger (opening for Rush - very bad combo.)


Eric Carmen





Cheap Trick

Sonny & Cher

Chubby Checker

Todd Rundgren & Utopia (4 or 5 times)

Rolling Stones w/Kansas & Peter Tosh

Heart (w/Exile)

REO Speedwagon (w/Mahogany Rush)

Max Webster (opening for Rush)

StarCastle (opening for Rush)

The Monkees (minus Mike)

Grass Roots

Gary Puckett & The Union Gap

Herman's Hermits

Nick Lowe

Dave Edmunds

Elvis Costello (W/Nick Lowe)

Paul McCartney

Ringo & The All-Stars (w/JWalsh, BCummings, TRundgren, DEdmunds, TBSchmidt)

Kingston Trio

Pink Floyd (post-Waters)


Peter, Paul & Mary

A.J. Croce (son of Jim - great!)

Blue Rodeo



New Duncan Imperials

California Guitar Trio


Fountains of Wayne (in Hawaii!!)

The Buckinghams

Gillian Welch (3 times so far)


Counting Crows

John Mayer

Paul Simon w/Brian Wilson

Don McLean

The Darkness


Best show: Raspberries 11/26/04 (It was a dream come true!!) & Rush 1976 (2112 Tour)

Best band: Dave Edmunds Band

Best singer: Ann Wilson of Heart

Biggest disappointment: Had George Harrison tickets in 1974, but the show was snowed out! crying

I know I'm forgetting some - partly age, partly drugs. ;-)

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Here's who I've seen through the years...

1. Paul McCartney & Wings - 1976 (1st concert)

and on his 1989 tour.

2. Elton John - 1976,1979,1980 (w/Quarterflash),1982,1984 (twice),1986,1988,1989,1992

3. Bee Gees - 1976 & 1979

4. Barry Manilow - 1977

5. Steve Miller - 1977

6. Electric Light Orchestra - 1978 & 1981(w/Hall & Oates)

7. The Cars - 1980 & 1982

8. Joe Jackson - 1980 & 1983

9. Bob Seger - 1980

10.Journey - 1980,1981,1983,2001 (w/Peter Frampton & John Waite)

11.Randy Meisner - 1981

12.Styx - 1979,1981,1983

13.Off Broadway - 1981,1998(?)

14.Jefferson Starship - 1981

15.Pat Benatar - 1981

16.Foreigner - 1981(w/Billy Squier),1985(w/Joe Walsh),2002

17.Joe Walsh - 1981,1987

18.Billy Joel - 1978,1980,1981,1982

19.Rod Stewart - 1978,1980,1982,1984,1988,1992

20.REO Speedwagon - 1981,1982,1985(twice),1987

21.Men at Work w/INXS - 1983

22.Heart w/John Cougar Mellencamp - 1982

23.KISS - 1977,1984

24.The Police - 1983

24.Rush - 1984,1986,1994

24.ZZ Top - 1986

25.John Fogerty - 1986

26.The Monkees - 1986,2001

27.Pink Floyd - 1987

28.Robert Plant - 1988

29.Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - 1989

30.The Who - 1989

31.Michael Nesmith - 1992

32.The Moody Blues w/Chicago - 1992

33.The Beach Boys - 1992w/David Cassidy(Blechhh!),1994 w/America

34.Ring Starr & The All Starr Band - 1989,2003

35.Steely Dan - 2000

36.Elton John & Billy Joel - 2001

37.The Guess Who w/Joe Cocker - 2001

38.Boston - 2003

39.The Eagles - 2003

40.Cheap Trick - 1980,2000

41.John Waite - 2001

42.Graham Parker - 1981

43.Eddie Money - 1980,2004

44.Queen - 1980

45.The Knack - 2002

46.The Temptations - 2002

47.Lou Gramm Band - 2003

48.Liz Phair - 2004

49.Fleetwood Mac - 1979 (w/Christopher Cross)

50.Jimmy Buffett - 2001

51.Van Halen - 1980,1981

52.Chuck Berry w/The Tokens, Little Anthony & The Imperials,The Contours, and The Shirelles - 2002

53.RASPBERRIES! - 2005

I'm sure there's a couple I'm missing,through the passage of time. Going through my ticket stubs I'd even forgotten I'd seen Kiss twice! LOL

I saw Nick Lowe open for somebody, but don't for who. The same goes for .38 Special.

I still would like to see Springsteen,The Stones,U2,Sheryl Crow, & Clapton.

I tried getting tickets for Elton yesterday to no avail...

and we're planning to go see Al Green at HOB.


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I was not a big concert animal (couldn't afford it) but still managed to see quite a few over the years.

Bill Haley & his Comets (when they were a C&W band)

Buddy Holly (ok)

Jerry Lee Lewis (disappointing)

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (entertaining)

Larry Williams (very good - Boney Maroney & Short Fat Fanny)

Rick Nelson (yep, Ricky – very, very good))

Bob Seger (good)

Sammy Hagar (AWFUL)

Boston (amazing sound reproduction)

Three Dog Night (good)

The Turtles (not bad)

Hall and Oates (better than expected)

The Oufield (Three different venues – one of the best bands)

Mike and the Mechanics (Excellent)

Manhattan Transfer (zzzzz)

Ken Fogelberg (nothing special)

Steve Wariner (very good)

Trace Adkins (Good)

Nick Trevino (ok)

Bill Bruford (former drummer w/Yes & King Crimson – Boring show))

Jim Brickman (twice - very pleasant evenings)

Foreigner (very good)

Billy Joel (very good)

Spyder 197? (very good So. African rock -featured Anton Figg from D. Letterman)

Rolling Stones (better than expected)

James Taylor (Outstanding)

Sammy Hagar (AWESOME)

The Sweet (ugh!)

Raspberies 1972 (good)

Raspberries 1974 (very good)

Raspberries 3 reunions to date (MAGICAL)

TOP 5:

Raspberries - Chicago

Mike & The Mechanics -Atlantic City

James Taylor - Sacramento

Boston - Philly

The Outfield - Newark DE

Taking Ruthie to see Yanni and Celine in the next 6 weeks.



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I go to a lot of 60s and 70s gigs/weekends, so over the years I've seen:

1. Abbey Road Tour

2. Adrian Baker / Gidea Park

3. Alvin Stardust

4. Animals

5. Barry Ryan (sang ABM to me when I met him after)

6. Bay City Rollers

7. Beach Boys

8. Big Bopper Jnr

9. Billy J Kramer

10. Bobby Vee

11. Brian Hyland

12. Brian Wilson

13. Bruce Springsteen (locally in Crystal Palace Park)

14. Chris Montez

15. Colin Blunstone

16. Counterfeit Stones

17. Dave Berry

18. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich (sang ABM to me in the middle of a High Street)

19. David Cassidy

20. Doctor and the Medics

21. Donny Osmond

22. Edison Lighthouse

23. Edwin Starr

24. Elton John

25. ERIC CARMEN/RASPBERRIES – Absolute TOP banana.

26. Eric Haydock

27. Fortunes

28. Four Pennies

29. Fourmost

30. Frankie Valli

31. Freddy Cannon

32. Gerry & The Pacemakers

33. Glitter Band

34. Hollies

35. Ivy League

36. John Leyton

37. John Walker of The Walker Brothers

38. Level 42

39. Manfreds

40. Marmalade

41. Marty Wilde

42. Merrill Osmond

43. Merseybeats

44. Mud

45. Nazareth

46. Paper Lace

47. Pete Best Band

48. Peter Noone (mentioned EC.com from the stage) / Herman's Hermits

49. Peter Sarstedt

50. Ray Dorset (Mungo Jerry). His "Adults Only' CD is excellent.

51. Ringo Starr with Eric (sigh!)

52. Rod Stewart

53. Rolling Stones

54. Roy Wood/Wizzard

55. Rubettes (Hi, Marvin! Stevie and I will sing "Sugar Baby Love' to you again anytime)

56. Searchers

57. Showaddywaddy

58. Slade

59. Stylistics

60. Suzi Quatro

61. Sweet (with and sadly without Brian Connolly)

62. The Swinging Blue Jeans (gave Eric a huge mention from the stage)

63. Tremeloes

64. T-Rextacy (spookily brilliant tribute band)

65. Troggs

66. Vanity Fare

67. Wayne Fontana

68. Illegal Eagles

69. Lieutenant Pigeon (heavy - do a lot of Sweet stuff)

70. ELO

71. Chris Rea

72. Sparks

I can't remember anymore!

I'm off to see Nazareth again in a couple of weeks, also Merrill Osmond. The only concerts I would like to see, but haven't, is Albert Hammond and David Bowie, who I used to like until I discovered Eric. I would also have loved the chance to see Elvis.

No one will ever top Eric / Raspberries for the ultimate gig!!!


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Hey MANNOMAN was that a Buddy Holly tribute band you saw?? He was an amazing talent that inspired alot rock music from the Beatles to the Cars. "True Love Ways" has got to be one of the greatest love songs ever written!

My top favorites are as folows:

1) Raspberries Chicago 2005 (the best rock concert I have seen... very close to the action and the sound was great!)

2) Genesis (including solo artists) (Phil Collins is the best drummer I have ever seen and Chester and him can really put on an awesome display of a Drum solo) (Genesis were famous for their awesome light shows and better live than their albums! Mike & the Mechanics had some of the best pop tunes of the late 1980's, Peter Gabriel is quite the showman on stage with all the latest gadgets and also great sound. Steve Hackett is a guitar Genius.)

3) Rush (The best 3 piece band ever! Multi talented although have not had a great album since 1984.)

4) Eagles (Hell Froze Over and they were all singing in perfect pitch.)

5) Kiss (Psycho Circus Tour played all their best and very entertaining special effects. )

6) Page & Plant (the closest thing to a Led Zep reunion.. Plant has lost a little in his voice but they can still jam)

7) Styx (probably the most underated group since the Raspberries. Really great musicians.)

8) Police Synchronicity (This was their farewell tour but we didnt know it! Another great 3 piece band that had the whole crowd singing along.)

9) Chicago (I think I had 20th row and this was the final tour with Peter Cetera in the group.

10)Elton John (unbelieveble talent but doesnt match the sound of his recordings)

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Hey Wannaman, I agree that a lot of times Elton doesn't sound like he does on his recordings. This I think is a good thing, as in the many times I have seen him he's often sounded better (especially on the 80's material). When I go to concerts I go hoping that they'll add some new perspective to the song live that doesn't come through on the original recording. I saw The Cars twice, and as good as a band as they were, I should have just as well have stayed home and played the records. They added nothing to the songs, and played them exactly note for note.

Just my perspective. smile


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1972-Aerosmith (every weekend at The Barn in N.H.)

1973-J.Geils Band (lots of times in Mass.), Aerosmith, Sha-Na-Na

1974-Harry Chapin, Raspberries

1975-Elton John, Orleans

1976-Gordon Lightfoot (zzzzzz)


(then I got married and had kids)

1985-Four Tops (in A.C., does that count?)

1988-Dirty Dancing (w/Eric Carmen)

1998-Aerosmith (w/my 12 yr old daughter; "Armageddon" was huge and I wanted "the boys from Beantown" to be her 1st big concert), Earth Wind and Fire, O-Jay's, Isley Brothers.

1998-Moody Blues

1999-Rod Stewart, Alan Parson's Project, Annie Haslet(the lead singer from Renissance)


2001-Quasi Qua (in NYC), Ringo's All-Starr Band (w/Eric)

2002-Britney Spears w/O-Town (I got free tix via Nickelodeon, took my youngest daughter. The music sucked, but the boobage was nice.)

2003-Moody Blues "December" Concert (a must-see holiday experience)

2004-Jann Arden (my fav female singer via Canada), Raspberries.


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I've got it on my i-tunes and NEVER get sick of hearing it. Incredibly stupid lyrics. Totally goofy fun. Incredibly composed. Love the 'bop shoo-waddee's'!!! The bells, the piano, and the spoken "people, take my advice, if you love someone, don't think twice" line!!! I LOVE IT!! In fact, in the song they actually sing "Love your baby love, sugar baby love" I DO!! I DO!!


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Elton did make my top ten... I am a huge fan of his greatest hits volume 1 (Your Song, Croc Rock) and his voice sounds a little rushed and nasely on some of the songs as if he tries to jazz them up a little more. Not bad but personally not as good as the albums! Musically he his awesome and I agree better in some cases. I am not a big fan of his more recent material but some of it is good.

My worst top 5 would be:

1) ZZTOP (this was the afterburner tour and I couldnt stand that album although the rest of the concert was good and the highlight was when they drove in with the Eliminator Car)

2) The Firm (I dont know what happened to Paul Rodgers voice but it was nearly gone this was my first time seeing Jimmy Page)

3) Foreigner I really wanted to like this but it seemed that the band was not having fun and it showed in the performance Lou's voice sounded tired as well and they soon broke up.

4) Blue Oyster Cult at the UIC Pavillion The concert was good but we had to sit next to these high drunk idiots that kept yelling out "F&%$ the college students we ate the whole front row!"

5) The Cure Disintegration tour I enjoyed most of the concert but some of their songs from the new album almost put me to sleep with their depressing lyrics and thumping repetive bass.

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