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XM Radio question


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Hey Bernie (or anyone else who may know),

Is there anyway of finding out which XM station the concert will be broadcast on? I'm thinking of subscribing to the internet package, but they don't webcast all of the available stations. It would be my luck that the concert would come across one of the unavailables.


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Lots of XM's live specials end up on a number of channels. There's a channel called XM Live that broadcasts most of the specials. I would also expect a Raspberries concert to run on the 70's channel, maybe Deep Tracks, possibly the Loft. I think all the music channels are available on the internet. The channels that aren't tend to be the channels that broadcast syndicated material from other sources - like CNN, Fox, Air America, America Right. XM's agreement for the shows on these channels don't include web broadcast rights. The music channels are XM's property so they can put them on the web.

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