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Navy Times review of "Side 3" from 1974


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Here's an oldie but goodie review of Raspberries' "Side 3" album that appeared in The Navy Times "Sounds" section (within the publication's "Family" magazine section) on February 27, 1974 (written by David Goeller).

The writer graded albums on a four star scale (in the same issue he rated The Rolling Stones' "Goats Head Soup" as a four star album). Raspberries' "Side 3" got three-and-a-half stars, the second highest rating among the albums he reviewed in that issue:


SIDE 3, Raspberries (Capitol) --- Between Raspberries and Blue Ash, the mid-America of Ohio may be close to the rock capital of the U. S.

Raspberries have gone beyond the Beatle sound-alike stage and are their own group now. And what a rock sound!

"Tonight" shakes and rocks as well as anything by The Move or The Who. This is followed by the acoustic guitar and fiddle sounds and Byrds-like singing on "Last Dance."

The songs continue to have individuality, identity and the strong melodic sense that made The Beatles so great.

"Ecstasy," with some prime drumming by Jim Bonfanti, is the album's top cut.

The vocal abilities of the group have never been questioned. But on this, their third album, Raspberries add true instrumental clout. Wally Bryson is not the world's finest lead guitarist, but he and Eric Carmen do some fine power chording and get some excellent ringing guitar sounds.

Adding to the depth of the band's sound is the fact that three members - Bryson, Carmen and David Smalley - can write highly listenable songs. Raspberries have taken a big leap forward with this album.


Don Krider


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I'd give Goat Head Soup 2 stars...just for Angie and Star Star. What a disappointing album though, especially when it came right after Exile on Main Street.

On the other hand, Side 3 would get a strong 4 stars. 8 out of the 9 songs are excellent, and the 9th, Money Down, is listenable.

I wonder how the latest Dixie Chicks CD was rated in the Navy Times.

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That writer missed the boat in his opinion of Wally. Wally was, is, and always will be my favorite guitarist of all time.

Here's a shot of Wally Bryson and Pete Townshend: http://raspberries.net/albums/album04/aah.jpg (visible on raspberries.net until it disappears, I guess). There's an amazing photo gallery on that site which includes some great shots of all the band members over the years in various incarnations (Raspberries, Fotomaker, The Secret, Dynamite, Peter Panic, The Choir, Cyrus Erie, etc,).

I wish the powers that be would reconsider allowing Raspberries.net and its message board to be online (I would hate to see all the fan memories disappear): http://raspberries.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1711

Don Krider

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Speaking of Wally Bryson, there's a couple of really positive reviews of his albums (now on CD) with Fotomaker online at the Glory-Daze music webzine.

For the Fotomaker debut album: http://www.glory-daze.com/readarticle.php?article_id=241

For Fotomaker's Vis-A-Vis album: http://www.glory-daze.com/readarticle.php?article_id=2759

And "The Fotomaker Collection" CD (long out-of-print) containing the previously unreleased "Baby I..." and the band's Hot 100 hits ("Where Have You Been All My LIfe" and "Miles Away") is now available from Rhino Records as a digital download: http://www.rhino.com/store/digital/detail.lasso?upc=081227518462

FYI for those interested.

Don Krider smile

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