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What Outfit???


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Alright guys, you've really done it, *now*! The Concert Retrospectives thread brought up the hot topic of Eric's outfit. As Martina McBride (NOT Michael!) would say, "This one's for the girls!"

Ladies, what would you like to see Eric (or any of the Berries)wear? I'm voting for the white jumpsuit...

smile --Darlene

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I'm not a lady....BUT NOOOOOOOOO jumpsuit.

No....No....No:). No silk pants...no crop tops....

Black...something cool in black...like Carnegie.

Funny comment: My wife is much younger than myself and has been listening to me rave on and on about the 'Berries for years. When I told her about the concert she expressed interest and will be attending with me.....but her comment was

" there's gonna be a lot of people with grey hair there huh?"

My reply " there will probably be a lot of folks with NO hair"

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Ok Darlene, I am trying to picture Eric in the white Jumpsuite now and I am trying to stop laughing. I am trying to figure out who would laugh longer me or his kids. Not because he wouldn't look good but because it's kind of outdated and lets face it Eric did get older. I still love him, but he did get older and more mature.

He did were a black suit for the Rock hall of Fame show and I know he really likes that color but I saw him wear a white shirt on the Ringo tour and he really stood out. So maybe my outfit would be a white shirt and I'll let Eric pick out his pants. haha

June happy

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I have video of Eric standing beside a piano singing, and he has on a royal blue shirt and black slacks and he looks fantastic.

I like him in a henley shirt, too, but NOT in that creepy gold lame tiger striped jacket in the DD video, ugh! I'm betting Eric didn't pick out his own clothes for that fiasco.

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