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Everyone going to AC......


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Hungry Eyes...I cant beleive your not going...I got one of those glow bracelets from you,both nights at BBK's...I was the guy that you had to give instructions on the speed of the arm movement and which direction to move my arms...We'll miss you...

Its you......Its you!!!! I am so glad know I now who you are. I was hoping to find you, but I guess you found me haha It was so nice talking to you at BBK's. You were so much fun!!

Remember, during LET'S PRETEND......raise both arms in the air........slowly sway......left to right, or is that right to left....slowly....not too fast now haha


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At 8pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time on Saturday I'll be wine tasting at Mondavi's Vineyard in Napa Valley, CA (we've got a 5pm appointment . La-tee-da!) But no matter how good the wine is...I'll be thinking about y'al!

Have fun!


Hey, if you guys get the chance while you're in Napa and you like port or dessert wines, stop by the Prager Winery (small, family-owned winery on Hwy 29, right next to Sutter Home)and tell 'em John B. from O.C. sent ya - my bro-in-law runs the tasting room there! laugh
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Hey Everybody!

The usual lack of funds is the reason why I have to wait until another Cleveland date to see our favourite sons. Telling you to have a great time would be like saying the sky is blue - but, I'll say it anyways: HAVE A GREAT FREAKIN' TIME! smile

My Purple Hat and I will be with you in spirit!


John Shaft

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