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Billy K.

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One thing that has also eluded the Raspberries recently is any coverage in guitar magazines.

Granted, "Guitar One" and "Guitar World" are a bit slanted towards hard rock and metal, but "Guitar Player" and "Bass Player" are a bit more well-rounded......you will have jazz greats, country and ethnic musicians, punkers, as well as session players featured.

It might be a major help to get SOMETHING on the Raspberries......even if it's just half a page, instead of a feature article.

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You're the person to do this one! I'm sure he'll be back, but in the meantime, other people will be moved to do great things. This board has an amazing synergy. I hope Cartmill comes back into the fray again soon. So much has happened so quickly, I think it's taking us all some time to absorb it. Every once in awhile, I still marvel at all the recent goings-on since the Reunion Concert, because it's all happening so fast, and so beautifully!

smile --Darlene

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Ken Sharp did a great interview with Wally Bryson in 20th Century Guitar magazine in October 1997 (Steve Lukather on the cover). Neat little story in there about The Choir (Wally, Dave, Jim) opening for The Who in 1967 and Wally asking Pete Townshend how the hell to play "Substitute," and Pete took the time to show Wally, who was 17 or 18 at the time, how to play it.

That issue is worth looking for (photos of Wally's guitars and Wally commenting on what guitars he used on each Raspberries' song).

The magazine has a new website at http://www.tcguitar.com (there's even a click on link for a free sample copy of the current issue on the main page there). They sell back issues, but the October 1997 issue isn't listed (doesn't mean they haven't got a few copies laying around somewhere, of course, and there's a contact form on the site for asking questions).

Don smile

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