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A Walk Down 2003?

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Our own Badfinger Barb, on his very fine Badfinger Boogie Yahoo Group, dropped a tidbit that Alan Parsons is organizing a 2003 tour of "A Walk Down Abbey Road." While it's HIGHLY DOUBTFUL our hero would be involved, Barb mentioned that Badfinger singer/guitarist Joey Molland was asked to join the tour, which will include Denny Laine (ex-Wings), Christopher Cross, Parsons and, at some shows, Todd Rundgren.

Maybe Joey should call Eric for advice before he signs on!

Hmmmmmm...but a show with Molland and Laine could be interesting...

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I don't anticipate any friction between Joey and Todd, unlike the Todd/Eric situation. Todd did produce some of the hits for Badfinger, so they've worked together before. Not a "Locomotion Rivalry"/who is the biggest star deal here.

Joey is not a "household name".....part of a major well-known band, but not the first person to come to mind.......much like having Al Jardine or Bill Wyman or John Paul Jones on board. But in Joey's case, there is a definite Apple connection. And I don't anticipate any friction between Laine and Molland, either.

Although Alan Parsons claim to fame is producing Pink Floyd, he did engineer under George Martin at EMI at some Beatles sessions.

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The latest post from Badfinger Barb:

According to promoter Paul Zukoski, He says the economy and war made tours difficult to book this year so there won't be a "Walk Down Abbey Road" tour. He had a specific request from the Atlantic City Hilton Casino for the show so he put together a show for two nights, August 8th and 9th. It appears unlikely the show will play anywhere else this year. As I previously mentioned, Joey Molland is scheduled to perform along with Denny Laine, Alan Parsons, Christopher Cross, and possibly Todd Rundgren. Tickets go on sale June 27 through Ticketmaster and are $45 and $50.

That's a wrap!


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Deja vu indeed...

Another interesting wrinkle: rumor has it former Squeeze singer/guitarist Glenn Tilbrook was invited to join this "tour"...

In terms of tour cameraderie, Joey Molland's spoken of how difficult Todd R was to work with when he produced Badfinger's classic "Straight Up" album. No best friends there...

But Joey and Denny Laine have worked together recently, sharing sets at Beatles conventions in the U.S.


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